Ibiza’s Best Restaurants & Beach Clubs – 2015

So, where do you start when selecting where to eat in Ibiza? Just making the guide is challenging! There are so many great restaurants on the island and so much variety it is no easy task to distil these down into an easily edible guide for our guests. We have included a broad selection of restaurants, from the uber-stylish and trendy through to authentic Catalan bodegas, and covering a range of menus, locations and price brackets. The guide is based on our personal experiences and we have therefore tried to make honest reviews and give you enough information to make a decision and a booking.

There are no doubt some good local restaurants that we have not included as we have tried to focus on those that really stand out, but please let us know if you experience a great place which we have missed. You would need a couple of months to munch through the full list, so at the end of the guide we have listed our ‘best of the best’ to help you make your selection.

We have also included a short list for each of our rental villas highlighting the best restaurants close by. We hope that during your holiday you enjoy some fantastic culinary experiences in la isla blanca. You can always come back for a second course next year!

Bon profit! The Mi Casa Tu Casa Ibiza team

P.S. We have listed all the websites (where available) and telephone numbers. All the restaurants speak good English, or certainly enough to understand a table reservation. In mid summer it is essential to book a few days in advance, and even a few weeks for the more ‘de moda’ places. Even in the shoulder season booking is advisable, and more so for a weekend lunch or dinner.


Beach restaurants – South coast

Es Torrent, Es Torrent beach – set in a pretty little bay, this is a stylish, convivial and delicious seafood restaurant, albeit a touch expensive. A well heeled but relaxed bunch dine here. Some say this is the best seafood on the island. There is sand under your feet when you eat and lovely water for a swim but it´s pebbly at the water´s edge so a bit tricky getting in.

Tel 971 80 21 60. Website

Es Xarcu – In the Cala Jondal bay there is a side bay called Es Xarcu which hosts an awesome fish restaurant with the same name. A touch more laid back than it’s Es Torrent neighbour but equally as delicious and certainly no less expensive. Others claim this is the best seafood on the island. The setting is lovely but the swimming is not so good.

Tel 97118 78 67. Website

Tropicana Beach Club, Cala Jondal – Loved by the Dutch and the best location for swimming for families in Cala Jondal (but not great as there is often a small swell at Cala Jondal and it can be stoney when getting in). It’s family friendly with good food and a relaxed atmosphere. A good quality menu with particularly great salads. Out of all the Cala Jondal area restaurants this is the best spot to really relax for a day.

Tel 971 187 520 Website

The Blue Marlin, Cala Jondal – Arguably the most famous beach club in the world at the moment. Infamous, posy, flirty and, dare it be said, a lot of fun. Not really kid friendly particularly in mid-summer and the swimming, whilst fine for adults, is not good for small kids due to the rocks (despite the wooden walkway/jetty). Go dressed to impress although the less the better. The food is generally excellent, but if you prefer not to dine, put on your sunglasses, sip a cocktail and have fun partying, or just people watching. You can spend the day lying out on the giant round sunbeds (reservation essential) but the fun kicks off from about 18.00 until late. Sunday is the biggest party of the week so booking a table at 4pm for a long late lunch is our recommended tactic.

Tel 971 410 117. Website

Yemanja, Cala Jondal – The best food of the Cala Jondal restaurants and right up there with Es Xarcu and Es Torrent in the fight for the best seafood in Ibiza. A lovely spot and right next to The Blue Marlin so you can have a long lunch and wander over to the noisy neighbour when the party kicks off. Open all year so loved by the locals and a good sunset spot in mid-winter.

Tel 971 187 481 Website

Sa Caleta, Playa Sa Caleta (also referred to as Es Bol Nou) is a beautiful small sandy bay with some excellent swimming especially for kids as it is generally calm, shallow and sandy. There is a very good sea food restaurant as well (same name, Sa Caleta) although it is not in full view of the beach so it’s not ideal if you have young kids playing there. Open all year and a great place for a long lunch in Spring and Autumn. Popular with locals. Try the famous Café Caleta to finish off a feast….then have a nap.

Tel 971 187 095. Website

Es Savinar, Cala Jondal – the one no-one knows about. A local Spanish affair with much more reasonable prices and local food. A good alternative if you want to avoid the VIPs and VIP prices.

Tel +34 971187437, or 971 802 766. Website



Beach restaurants – South East coast

(Playa d’es Cavallet, Playa de Salinas & Playa d’en Bossa)

El Chiringuito, Es Cavallet beach – head to Salinas beach but take a left 500m before and this thin road on the salt fields takes you to the lovely Es Cavallet Beach. El Chiringuito is run by the Anglo/French partnership of Jonathan Thorogood and Olivia Fleury, and they have built up a fantastic beach club that caters to all and is family friendly (crèche and kids menu). It is stylish but relaxed. If the seared tuna is on the menu try it, it’s fantastic. A great place to spend the afternoon. If you are in the mood you can continue walking down the beach for 400m until you get to El Chirin’gay’ which offers a very different scene! El Chiringuito

Tel +34 971 39 53 55. Website

La Escollera. Es Cavallet beach. This is the neighbouring restaurant to El Chiringuito and occupies an even more impressive spot with stunning southerly views down the coast with a line of ‘torres’ visible until Formentera. The restaurant is not so well connected to the beach as it´s neighbour so it is less well known but it is only a 50m walk to get to the sand. The food is very good. Good for dinner too. Open all year so popular with locals and you will need to book even in mid winter.

Tel +34 971 39 65 72. Website

Guarana, Malibu, Jockey Club & Sa Trinxa, Salinas Beach – Salinas was the trendiest beach in Ibiza over the last generation until the new breed of beach club sprang up over the southern part of the island. Salinas is still very beautiful and still very popular and has four beach clubs to prove it. Malibu was the cool spot for the Spanish jet set in the 90s from which Jockey Club took over in the 00s and still remains popular. Sa Trinxa and Guarana perhaps offer a better experience. Sa Trinxa is a memorable place for a very relaxed lunch if you’re in the chilled out party mood. John Sa Tinxa, the renown DJ, plays his delightful tunes at plate vibrating volumes whilst nudists lie back and get brown all over. Guarana on the other hand is much more sedate affair and a more family orientated place – good food, great views and, oddly, never that packed.

Jockey Club – Tel 971 39 57 88. Website
Malibu – Tel +34 971 396 580 website
Guarana – Tel 971 395 444 Website
Sa Trinxa – Tel 637 82 61 83 . Website

Nassau Beach Club, Playa D’en Bossa – The much-maligned Playa D’en Bossa has had a major makeover in the last few years, particularly at the south end which boasts lovely sand and safe swimming. A few good beach clubs have sprung up, from the posey partying Ushuaia to the mega brand of the Hard Rock Hotel (their beach club is called The Beach Club!). Nassau is perhaps the most sophisticated of the lot but is still relaxed and works well however your group is made up. It´s family friendly too. Particulalrly popular with Germans due to Cristian the owner´s family roots.

Tel (+34) 971 396 714. Website

The Beach House, Playa D’en Bossa. Jonathan Thorogood and Olivia Fleury have done it again! After the immense success of El Chiringuito beach club, in 2014 The Beach House opened up its doors onto the soft sand of Playa d´’en Bossa. It’s been an instant hit. Great food, excellent service, and a great party, particularly on Sunday evening when Guy Gerber is DJing. You can book a sun bed and relax for the day but The Beach House is a fun place and best enjoyed if a long lunch blends into off the beach cocktails….and then a few more.

Tel +34 971 396 858. Website

Experimental Beach, Cap D’es Falco (Salinas). Experimental Beach was started by three French guys in 2012. It is a fantastic sunset spot with lovely views along the island’s south coast across the wide bay or Es Codolar. There is a Mediterranean fish and meat menu which works very well (delicious steaks). The beach club itself is a bit more limited as getting access to the beautiful turquoise waters can be difficult over the rocks; it all depends on the quality of the wooden walkway at the time. So, we recommend you spend the day at Salinas or Es Cavallet beaches and then head to Experimental on your way home, either for a cocktail or for an early dinner. It will be well worth the five minute bumpy track through the Salinas salt flats.

Tel 664 33 12 69 . Website



West Coast beach restaurants

Cotton Beach Club, Cala Tarida – Opened in 2014. Cala Tarida was missing a beach club and the Cotton Club has filled that gap. The restaurant is somewhat elevated from the beach with about 50 steps up that need to be climbed (poor beach boy) but it means the views are fantastic. After mixed reviews in the early months the food is now very good and a new Sushi restaurant , called Fay, opened in May 2015 on the roof terrace. This promises to be a mouth-watering treat for summer dining.

Tel 971 80 61 80

Fay at Cotton Beach Club, Cala Tarida. Fay, a sushi and Asian restaurant, opened in May 2015 on the roof terrace of The Cotton Club. We have given Fay it´s own listing as it is something a bit special. The setting is unparalleled with westward sea views as far as mainland Spain 70km away at dusk. The food is a mouth-watering and the service good. Overall it´s a great experience that should not be missed if you do not have too far to travel. It gets windy up there so the ladies should bring wraps.

Tel 971 80 61 80

Sunset Ashram, Cala Conte. We love this place. It´s just wonderfully Ibiza. A slightly hippy vibe, with a DJ playing supported by the odd live musician, great cocktails and good food, albeit slightly slow chaotic service in mid summer. It won´t be winning a Michelin star but the Asian Med blend menu works deliciously well as you see the sun melt into the ocean. The best sunset spot on the island, without a doubt in our humble opinion. A nice beach to spend the day too with Formentera-esque turquoise waters. Family friendly and very laid back. Definitely come for a cocktail at least.

Tel 661 34 72 22. Website

Cala Bassa Beach Club, Cala Bassa is a beautiful west coast bay with perfect swimming water and lovely sand. A very good place to head with young kids. It now has a beach club to match which opened in 2011. Perhaps it is best to avoid the bay in mid July and August when the glass bottom boats come in packed from San Antonio but otherwise a lovely spot to enjoy a day. The food is generally good but not brilliant There are three different restaurants to chose from, from the high end to a very simple snack bar.

Tel 971 343 817 Restaurant, 971 805 639 Chiringuito,

El Carmen, Cala D’hort – A typically Spanish and busy beachside restaurant with a beautiful outlook over-looking the impressive and mystical island of Es Vedra (a 375m high pillar of rock rearing out of the ocean). This is a great place to eat paella and enjoy simple local fish cooked very well. Popular with locals and families but most definitely caters for all.

Tel +34 971 187 449.

Restaurante Cala d’hort – a similar quality to El Carmen which is only 50m away but in our opinion El Carmen just gets the vote. Same seafood menu , great views and access to the beach. Definitely worth a lunch if El Carmen is full.

Tel 971 935 036

Es Boldado, Cala d’hort – In terms of quality of the arroces y paellas this is the best of the three Cala d’hort restaurants. It also has stunning views over the sea to Es Vedra but it doesn´t have easy access to the beach and is in fact a 5 to 10 minute drive inland to link with the main beach.

Tel 626 49 45 37. Website

Can Jaume, Cala Vadella. A large restaurant that goes straight onto the soft sand of the pretty beach at Cala Vadella. It´s a family friendly spot, particularly as the kids can play on the sand and swim in the safe protected waters of the bay all in eye sight of your table. Solidly good paella and seafood and overall a great lunch spot.

Tel 971 808 488. Website

Can Vicent and El Chiringuito Cala Carbo – Cala Carbo, The two restaurants in the pretty little bay of Cala Carbo are carbon copies in terms of the menu. Both offer typical Spanish seafood and are family friendly Spanish affairs. A great place for a relaxed low key meal.

Can Vicent Tel 971 80 81 55.



A selection of other beach restaurants

Amante beach club, Sol D’en Serra. Ibiza´s east coast has a lack of great restaurants but Amante makes up for that. A stunning spot perched on the cliff above the lovely bay of Sol d’en Serra with South Easterly views, it is a special spot for lunch or dinner. The Mediterranean based menu is excellent and there are plenty of sun beds to relax on after a long lunch. The beach below is not always the best for swimming but once you are in the water it is lovely and clear.

Tel +34 971 193 424. Website

Elements, Cala Benirras. Benirras is a pretty cove on the island´s rocky north shore. Elements is the best restaurant there and occupies pride of place on the south edge of the bay. The restaurant offers Mediterranean very tasty cuisine with a modern delivery. The beach is best known for the Sunday late afternoon ritual of the beating of the drums where bongos are played deep into the evening in a tribal gathering of modern day hippies. It´s quite a spectacle and is an intoxicating way to end the day. However, you will probably be sobered up rapidly when you try and drive away and get stuck in a 1 hour queue, so a clever car parking strategy is essential on a Sunday. Our recommendation is either to walk the last 1km for an easy exit, or just stay until everyone has gone….very late!.

Tel 971 333 136 . Website

Atzaro Beach, Cala Nova. The famous Atzaro agroturismo hotel opened a beach restaurant and cocktail bar in 2012 and it is very much in tune with the Atzaro brand. Fresh local products and sea food make for some great meals and the tone is Spanish. This is more sedate and restaurant focussed than a beach club and it blends better with Cala Nova which is very much a family beach. Worth a visit if you are in the area but probably not worth making a special island crossing.
Tel. 971 07 82 28. .


Nikki Beach – Playa S’Argamassa beach (just north of Santa Eulalia). The brand name says it all. A carbon copy of the other Nikki Beaches. The look, the menu, and arguably the clientele are all identical too. It hosts the same themed ‘white’ parties and ‘red’ parties. You know all about Nikki Beach so we won´t write on. There will be great service, good food and wonderfully expensive cocktails as ever, but the lack of originality just takes the edge off it for us….as does the not very central location. Worth a visit if you are close by otherwise easy to miss. The accompanying Me hotel is reportedly pretty decent and well organised.

Tel 971 338 403. Website

Balansat, Puerto de San Miguel. A traditional and classic fish and paella restaurant right up on the north coast. It´s widely seen as one of the best paellas on the island. Very popular with the locals. Tel 971 33 45 27.



In-land restaurants in the San Jose area

El Destino, San Jose – the best tapas on the island in a small bustling spot opposite the church. Well priced and excellent guidance on the food by Claudio the young owner. A must visit spot if you are staying nearby.

Telephone 971 800 341

KM5, at KM5 marker on the road from Ibiza/San Jose – stylish and famous lounge bar and restaurant. Good food and a great experience where you can stay the whole night. Don’t get there too early though as it only gets busy in the restaurant at about midnight and the bar after 0100.

Tel – 971 39 63 49. Website

Can Domingo, San Jose hills (at km 8,5 on the Ibiza / San Jose road). A romantic evening restaurant with a very good Italian Mediterranean menu. This is a lovely place for a quiet evening and the focus is definitely on the food and the ambience. Well worth a visit.

Tel 971 80 01 84. Website .

Can Berri Vell , San Augustin village. This is the only restaurant in the beautiful little village of San Augustin and definitely worth a dinner for this reason alone. Set is a very pretty old finca with a lovely little patio, this is a very traditional affair but it is not too stuffy. The menu might not have changed much for years but the food and service is normally very good. One to go to with the parents!

Tel 971 34 43 21. Website

Sa Capella, San Antonio outskirts, on road to Santa Ines. Sa Capella would have been on our ‘must visit’ list but there have been a couple of bad reviews recently, so perhaps the jury is out for the moment. The restaurant is in a beautiful old monastery and has stunning vaulted ceilings. The food is traditional Spanish and has for years been one of the best restaurants on the island. We hope the recent reviews are just a blip and the restaurant continues delivering to it´s own high standards. Let´s see.

Tel 971 34 00 57

Radici, San Jose village. Radicci opened it´s doors in 2014 and immediately added a bit of style to the village. On first impressions it feels a bit more Milano like than San Jose, but once you are settled it has a relaxed vibe and good Italian food. A young Italian brother and sister, Guido and Francesca manage Radici and the olive oil from their mother´s Lazio farm is used and sold there. The restaurant has yet to really take off in terms of bums on seats but if you are in the village it is a good place for a coffee as it has an excellent patiseria.

Tel +34 871 870 281

Raco Verd, San Jose village. Raco Verd sits opposite the church in the centre of the village. It has a pretty patio which can easily be missed if you walk past on the street so make sure you poke your nose in to have a look. The bar / restaurant is very low key and laid back and family friendly. A mix of Spanish tapas and Mexican food is served up with lovely fruit juices and ice cream on offer. Raco verd changes its skin throughout the day from cafe to restaurant to a late night cocktail bar. Live music three times a week from local jazz, rock and flamenco bands give the place a special vibe. Excellently run by the British couple Sam and Claire Hedley. A good spot for a cheap, tasty and relaxed lunch or dinner.

Tel 971 80 02 67. Website

Restaurante Es Cubells, next to the church in Es Cubells village (of the two restaurants, this is the one furthest from the sea). This is a good honest local restaurant open all year. Solidly good quality paella, fish and meat from the grill.

Tel 971 802 797



Central & North inland Ibiza

La Paloma, San Lorenzo – Italian / Mediterranean/ organic – charming, campo restaurant with excellent food and ambience. Located in the pretty and tiny village of San Lorenzo. About as rustic chic as it comes. Definitely worth the drive.

Tel 971 325 543. Website

La Belle Ibiza , San Rafael. A dinner restaurant offering high quality French cuisine in the stylish and intimate surroundings of the old El Ayoun restaurant in the centre of San Rafael. It has a much fresher feel to it than the old establishment and early reviews rate the food pretty highly. Give it a go if you are close by.

Tel 971 198 335 . Website

Balafia, Carretera de San Juan, on left just after the San Lorenzo turning , directly on main Ibiza / San Juan road – Fantastic local grill restaurant and great outdoor atmosphere – Mediterranean / Spanish menu.. Book weeks in advance in peak season to avoid disappointment. A must visit restaurant if you are staying near by.

Tel 971 325 019 . No website

Nagai, Carretera de San Juan, km 9.5. A nice sushi restaurant that is definitely worth a dinner if you are staying in the middle or north of the island as it offers something different. Perhaps not the best Sushi on the island but nevertheless a very tasty dinner and overall Nagai a great dining experience.

Tel 971 80 73 08. Website

Bambudha Grove , Carretera de San Juan , km 8.5. Bambudha has become an institution over the last 10 years. The restaurant and cocktail bar have stayed popular for years and have a loyal following amongst tourists. John Moon, the owner, has created a hugely atmospheric dining experience and his son John has taken over the reigns and improved it further. Bambudha feels like a slice of the Orient and serves up good Thai and Asian food at a respectable price. Have a delicious cocktail first in the bar, and after dinner as well!

Tel 971 19 75 10. Website

La Masia, Just north of Can Nagreta, on the road to Santa Gertrudis from Ibiza town. Good quality traditional Spanish country food served in an old farm house. An intimate setting for a quiet romantic meal.
Carretera San Miguel, km1.

Tel 971 31 02 28 . Website

Café Macao, Santa Gertrudis – the evergreen Italian restaurant is still a big drawer in the pretty village of Santa Gertrudis. Great meat dishes, pizza and pasta. Always a good buzz in mid summer and family friendly.

Tel 971 19 78 35

Bistro Plaza – Santa Gertrudis, plaza de la igelsia– French Med fusión menu. Charming walled garden dining off the main church square in the popular Santa Gertrudis. Always solidly good food with some real quality at times.

Tel 971 197 075. Website

La Luna dell Oto, San Miguel. Mediterranean Italian restaurant in the village. A pretty patio to enjoy evening al fresco dining. If you are staying in the middle or north of the island this is worth a drive as it someof the best Italian food in the island.

Tel 971 33 45 99. Website

El Bigotes, Cala Mastella. The stuff of legend? A few years ago you couldn’t book by phone, so you either needed to go there in person earlier in the day of dining or just turn up and take your chance. The King of Spain, Juan Carlos 2, was allegedly turned away quite a few years ago for failing to know the rules. Whether the story is true or not is debatable but it´s done it´s trick and El Bigotes is much in demand for a weekend lunch. There is no menu, you just get what is going that day, and normally it is delicious. The delicious Bullit de peix is the famous dish that is likely to be served (like a fish paella/rice soup.

Tel 650 79 76 33. Obviously no website!

Atzaro, Morna Valley, near Santa Eulalia. It´s the smartest and best known agrotourismo on the island and it has a very nice small restaurant (La Varanda) which many people wouldn´t consider going to if they are not guests. But you can and it is well worth a trip. Go early, have a cocktail and a stroll around the tranquil, lush and oasis like gardens.

Tel 971 33 88 38. Website

Can Cires, San Mateo. Worth the trip for the shoulder of lamb alone. Owned by a charming French man, the restaurant offers great Spanish countryside cuisine. There is a large outside area for dining and a kids play area so good for families. Open all year and particularly worth a lunch off-season.

Tel 971 80 55 51. Website



Ibiza Marinas & Talamanca

Lio, Marina Ibiza. The opening of Lio in 2012 marked the arrival of a new luxury level of entertainment on the island. Lio is part of the Pacha group and they know how to throw a party. The cabaret show, the individual elements of cabaret show, food and service perhaps are not world class but the overall experience is. The location is very special with impressive views across the bay to the old town. As you walk past the multi-million yachts to the entrance you know you have arrived somewhere pretty special. Not a place you want to go back to time and time again but if you are after a glamorous evening out this is unbeatable. Tip; getting a table not too far from the stage is important as you can feel lost at the back. Book well in advance for mid summer.

Tel 971 310 022 . Website-

Heart Ibiza, Paseo Maritimo, near Marina Nueva Ibiza. Ferran & Albert Adrià , the famous chefs of El Bulli , are teaming up with Guy Laliberte, owner of Cirque du soleil, to open ‘Heart’ at the Ibiza Gran Hotel. The concept is a world-leading restaurant with living art performances. It is a formidable partnership and promises to be spectacular as long as the concept doesn’t get in the way of some great food. It opened in June 2015. We haven’t eaten there yet. We can´t wait to! Make your reservation well in advance if this proves a success.

Tel 971933777 . Website

Tratorria del Mar, Marina Botafoch. This very good Italian restaurant has been drawing in a slightly more sophisticated crowd for years. It is in a very good location with views across the yachts to the old town and offers fresh sea food and traditional Italian lunches and dinners. The restaurant is decorated in a stylish way. Open all year. You wont go wrong by eating here.

Tel 971 19 39 34. Website

It Ibiza, Marina Botafoch. It Ibiza is a new arrival in Ibiza opening its doors in June 2015. It is in pride of place in Marina Botafoch (where the restaurant Madrigal used to be) with great views across the bay and marina to the old town. . The food is modern Italian and the chef has two Michelin stars to his name back in his native Italy. The menu de degustacion is delicious. Excellent food in jet set surroundings.

Tel 971 311 107. Website

Temakinho, Marina Botafoch. Serving up delicious Brazilian Japanese food this is a great alternative to the more expensive, fine dining establishments of IT Ibiza and Tratorria del Mar which surround it. Great food at a great price (relatively cheap, hey it´s Ibiza). Something different that works wonderfully well on the marina´s edge with views across the bay to the old town.

Tel. 971199 944. Website

Sa Punta / Patchwork/Ginger, Talamanca. Sa Punta restaurante has been around for a few years serving up nice Mediterranean food with lovely views back across Talamanca bay to Dált Vila in Ibiza old town. In 2014 ‘Patchwork’ , a Lebanese restaurant and cocktail bar, opened on the roof and in 2015 ‘Ginger’, with a sushi and Asian menu has also opened. So, three restaurants in one offering a global array of treats. At the time of writing we have not been to Ginger but if is at as good as Patchwork it will be definitely be worth a visit.

Tel +34 971 193 424.

The fish shack, near Talamanca. – A hidden gem frequented by the locals and those in the know. Fantastic local grilled fish served as you sit at cheap plastic tables overlooking Ibiza old town with the water only a few metres away. Head to Sa Punta (the more easily found neighbour restaurant in Talamanca), and just keep walking for another 50m, when you think you’re going nowhere you will find it. You can’t book – there is no phone. Turn up early-ish to get a table or wait for 20 mins and you will probably get lucky.

Destino Resort, Talamana. Pacha opened their resort hotel in 2012. In the day it has a beach club atmosphere but it perched upon the high cliffs in between Talamanca and Cap Martinet (no access to sea) . There are lovely views, a large pool and very stylish outside areas for sunbathing and eating. If you are not staying at the hotel, best come for dinner. The excellent food doesn’t come cheap. The black cod is up there with the best in the world and worth the visit alone. There are also regular parties with world famous DJs thanks to the Pacha connection

Tel 971 317 411. Website

Orso, Avenida 8 de Agosto (the same street as Pacha) . Just up the street from Pacha, a bit too on the main street sits a new venture, Orso. A stylish spot for dinner or drinks prior to going onto Pacha .  No views but It’s a slickly decorated place with high quality attentive staff. Perhaps the food doesn’t match its sharp image but the cocktails are good.

Tel 871 87 04 50. Website

The Harbour Club, Playa Talamanca. Islanders have been waiting for the renaissance of Talamanca and it is seems to be just starting. The Dutch owned Harbour Club opened in 2013 and offers the first high end beach club on playa Talamanca (there are some good more straight forward paella restaurants though, El Barco for one). Worth a visit if you are in the area but probably not a specific trip. In our experience the food is good but the service slow.

Tel 971 19 33 80. Website

Ibiza Town

La Bodega, Mercat Vell, Ibiza Town, right in the thick of it, by the ramp going up into old walled town – tasty tapas and great cocktails – go for a G&T in fishbowl glass – mixed quality tapas but a fun lively place to eat when in town.

Tel 971 192 740. Website

La Oliva, D’alt Vila, Ibiza. (Carrer de la Santa Creu, 2). This is on the main thin plaza just inside the old city walls. Mediterranean cusine. A great experience for summer dining. Take time for a walk around the old city first . Very busy in mid summer. La Oliva is positioned where the square begins to get thinner and turn into more of a passageway.

Tel 971 30 57 52.

El Olivo – Plaça de la Vila, Ibiza – virtually opposite it’s near namesake , La Oliva. Everyone forgets which is which. Arguably La Oliva has the better food. Both offer a very similar experience so come to El Olivoif La Oliva is booked up.

Tel 971 30 06 80 Website –

Pastis – Ibiza town, Calle Avicena 2, just off Plaza del Parque – small, cosy, intimate, French restaurant serving very good French dinner. Better for dining out of summer as very much inside.

Tel 971 39 19 99. Website

Cantera, Av. Ignacio Wallis, Ibiza town. An excellent new tapas restaurant that also serves meat and seafood from the grill. The menu is very short but the taste is very good. Good wines too. The atmosphere is more Barcelona than Ibiza. It has a great buzz and there is no pre booking. Just turn up, let the waiter know you are there to eat, have a drink and await your turn. Don’t be put off by the packed entrance. The wait is well worth it.

Tel. 971 31 00 64 (but no booking)

In and out, Plaza del Parque, Ibiza town. The restaurant is set in an attractive old building on the very pleasant and pedestrianized Plaza del Parque which is alive with tourists and locals for much of the year. There are lots of bars offering basic food on the plaza but In & Out stands out as the only one offering true quality. And the food is stylish and delicious.

Tel 971 30 73 70

La Brassa.just off Plaza del Parque, Ibiza town. This is arguably the best-known restaurant in Ibiza town. It has a charming atmosphere and offers al freso dining in a pretty patio. As the name suggests, Grilled meats and fish are served up. But the food and service always seem to disappoint. It´s such a shame as the setting is so good. Why can’t they sought it out? So, don’t be fooled by the looks , they can be deceiving……but people still go back there.

Tel 971 30 12 02. Website

Zaguan, Avenida Bartolmeu Rosello Ibiza town – pintxos (Basque version of tapas, served on thin slices of bread). From 20.00 until 22.00 the atmosphere is more after-work city wine bar with a bustling ambience. Food is cheap and generally good. You can’t book, pinchos are brought around on platters for you to grab as they fly past. Not really a family place and probably best out of the key summer months as the dining is all inside. Cantera (the tapas restaurant just around the corner) has somewhat put Zaguan in the shadows but it still a fun place and something different. Well worth a quick visit if you are walking by on an Autumn evening and want a true Spanish experience.

Tel 971 19 28 82. Website

Bar 1805, Ibiza old town, Carrer Santa Lucia, hidden in ta tiny plaza he old town. If you can find it and you are in for a more alternative night then this is a great place. 1805 celebrates the founding of Absynthe and all the craziness that goes with this intoxicating spirit. Charles the French owner is a character to say the least. What they do they do well, very well. Great steaks and Moules Mariniere. Don´t get stressed about the service, it´s awful at times. Just relax and get eating and drinking and watching the club girls walking past in thongs and nothing else. This is very much a slice of Ibiza and a warm up to something else.

Tel 651 62 59 72 . Website



The best of the best

You might disagree but here goes…..

Lunch on the beach
Es Torrent – Spanish stylish seafood
El Chiringuito – Delicious Med fusion
El Carmen – Traditional fish and paella
Amante – cliff top style

A stylish dinner not to forget
Lio – if you want style look no further
Heart – an irresistible combo
IT Ibiza – just very good food from a Michelin starred chef
Fay – Cala Tarida, sushi with stunning views

Relaxed and lower price
El Destino – San Jose tapas
The fish shack – Talamanca water´s edge fresh fish
Can Terra – Buzzing tapas and grill in Ibiza town

A traditional dinner
La Oliva – Ibiza old town
La Paloma – San Lorenzo
Can Berri Vell – San Augustin

Party time
Lio – again
1805 – hit or miss, but what will happen next?
Sa Trinxa – a chilled beach lunch with a beat
The beach house – a late Sunday lunch which goes on (like the Blue Marlin just less posey)