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  1. Cosy Winter Dining – Ibiza Restaurants With Fireplaces

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    Lovers of gastronomy will be happy to know there are some restaurants that keep their doors open also off season. While the weather turns colder here on the island, you’ll be after comfort and warmth – and not just from food and drink but from roaring fires, candlelight and cosy interiors.

    Here’s our top pick of cosy winter restaurants in Ibiza. These restaurants do not only offer delicious winter warmers but also provide a cosy ambience – the perfect combination to enjoy dining in the colder winter months.


    Aubergine is set in the quiet north of the island, on the main road to San Miguel. This restaurant with a bohemian soul offers delicious farm to table dishes – fusing ecological and seasonal products. Aubergine is open all year round, in summer you can enjoy dining outdoors in the campo and in winter you are welcomed indoor in a cosy ambience with crackling fireplaces.

    Es Caliu

    Set in a 200 year old finca this traditional Spanish grill restaurant is located on the road to San Juan. Its cosy dinning room is perfect for the winter season and the ideal dinner will end up listening to live music or having a drink in its fantastic cocktail garden, surrounded by orange trees and lit by hundreds of candles and lights that create a magical atmosphere.

    Es Jardins de Fruitera

    You’ll have no trouble feeling snug and warm at this beautiful traditional Ibicencan restaurant, just outside the village of Santa Gertrudis. The indoor is full of places to cosy up in and the restaurant features roaring fireplaces. There’s a strong selection of Mediterranean style dishes to keep you fed – we recommend the seafood and the meat on the grill, if you are up for some sharing then order their delicious paella.

    Casa Colonial

    Sitting on top of a hill near the town of Santa Eulalia, you will find one of the real fine dining experience of Ibiza, Casa Colonial. The restaurant is set in a beautifully restored old finca with stunning interior, a blend of Asian charm with a hint of bohemian beauty. With a crackling fireplace, the stunning interior, warm and welcoming service and high-level cuisine, Casa Colonial offer a fabulous winter dining option.

    You might want to discover more restaurants in Ibiza, visit our Ibiza Restaurant Guide.

  2. Winter sun: Christmas and NYE in Ibiza.

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    As winter sets in across Europe is normal to start dreaming about exotic warm destinations and Christmas is a great time to travel and get away from it all. But if you don’t want to travel all the way across the globe for some winter sunshine, look no further than Ibiza and here’s why:


    If you fancy the idea of palm trees instead of Christmas trees, making sandman instead of snowman but don’t want to cope with a long-haul flight, then Ibiza can be a great destination to head to – right on your doorstep!


    As many tourists do not consider Ibiza as a possible destination at this time of the year, the island is left to the joy of the residents and few Ibiza veterans. Far away from the buzzing summer, the island is not less charming and those seeking some fiestas will not be disappointed, as the vivid nightlife of Ibiza goes on during the festive season.


    Ibiza gets plenty of sunshine all year – so there’s a good chance you’ll get some warm weather even in this colder month. Although the locals consider the winter average of 10-15C to be chilly, those from further north will take pleasure in this glorious sunshine – making it the perfect weather to snap some gorgeous photos to make your family and friends back home insanely jealous.


    The feeling of Christmas is strong on the island and every village has a full programme of events. While in many countries the celebration ends on New Year’s Day, in Ibiza the celebration lasts until the 6th of January with the ‘Dia de los Reyes Magos’, otherwise known as The Epiphany – this is actually one big day of celebration on the island, with the kings bringing presents not just to the kids – but the adults too! As a tradition, many residents bring their children to the annual parade, in Ibiza Town, where the kings throw gifts, sweets and chocolates to the crowd.

  3. Ibiza Christmas Gifts

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    With Christmas now fast approaching, there is no better time to look for presents and if you’re stuck for gift ideas here we have a list of 5 fabulous products that are quintessentially Ibizan. Look no further!


    Sal de Ibiza offers a wide range of natural salt products, fresh from Ibiza’s very own Salinas. They use only natural methods to refine their salt and they don’t use additives or preservatives – plus the light blue package just screams ‘Ibiza’.



    Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we have. Give a gift that will elicit happy memories with every breath. A single scent of sea breeze, fresh pine or zesty orange will instantly bring back memories of beautiful days spent in Ibiza. Gather a mix of soap, shampoo, conditioner and perfumes to create fun individual gift bags for your loved ones.



    Ibiza’s based jewellery designer Elisa Pomar has a long tradition of jewellery making in her family – from a very young age she has seen her grandfather and father create traditional jewellery which made her fall in love with this art. Her pieces are so unique that have captivated also international fashion designers like Dolce and Gabbana, who have used her pieces into their catwalks.



    This is the perfect gift for your friend who loves cooking. This first recipe book, written by Ibiza resident Anne Sijmonsbergen, showcases the incredible Ibicenco dishes that the island’s cuisine has to offer. It’s the perfect gift for those who want to recreate the tastes of the White Island at home.

    FIND HERE: Shop the book


    If you are after one of those gifts that will last a lifetime, then the handmade leather bags, belts, briefcases and shoes of Ibiza’s artisan Pedro Planells, are exactly what you are looking for. This local craftsman is renowned worldwide for his excellent work. Over the years many fashionistas have visited his shop like fashion designer Armani, Valentino and Jean Paul Gaultier.

    FIND HERE: PedrosIbiza.fb

  4. Things to do in Ibiza in Winter

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    Even if Ibiza is a popular holiday destination in summer, the island is not any less charming in the quieter winter months. There is an Ibiza to discover beyond the bustling summer, an island full of mesmerising Mediterranean landscapes, charming villages surrounded by almond and olive trees, dreamy coves and sandy beaches with crystal clear waters boasting countless shades of blue.

    Going off season does not only mean that Spain’s expensive holiday island is better value, but you will be able to enjoy the real essence of Ibiza – gentle, dreamy and peaceful. You will feel like having the island to yourselves, which is everyone’s dream!

    The best way to discover the authentic Ibiza is by renting a car. Bear in mind that public transport in winter is reduced, the only bus routes available are connecting the airport and towns and the service between Ibiza and Santa Eularia and few other spots, even so, these routes run less often in the winter.

    To help you make the most of your winter getaway we’ve put together a list of our top 5 things to do in Ibiza:

    Visit the historic Dalt Villa

    Dalt Vila is the old town of Ibiza which is full of charming little streets with shops, art galleries, bars and restaurants. It was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 1999. The cobbled streets, hidden alleyways and old buildings of this historic part seem to be the same as they were decades ago. It’s such a pleasure to get lost and wander around. If you are up for a walk don’t miss the beautiful Cathedral which sits on the top of Dalt Villa, from there you will see beautiful panoramic views across the rest of the town and the Marina.

    Discover local traditions

    Winter is the perfect time to discover more about the island’s traditions and culture. The patron saint festivities of San Carlos and Santa Gertrudis are held in the winter months, as well as the popular wine festival of San Mateu – with the mild temperatures and the end of the harvest season, there is no better time to visit Ibiza’s local wineries!

    Take in a peaceful sunset

    The iconic Es Vedra is an essential spot to visit in Ibiza at sunset time. It’s reputed to be the third most magnetic place on earth and to be the centre of spiritually significant ley lines. Regardless of whether you believe all this, it’s hard to deny there is a special feel about this limestone rock islet. The main advantage of visiting this place in winter is that you’ll avoid the overcrowding that can suffer in summer. In winter you can really take in the raw beauty of nature, disconnect and recharge your batteries while the sun goes down. The road that leads there is beautiful and it’s really worth the visit. 

    Enjoy quiet beach time

    Any time of the year is good to discover some of the most spectacular beaches and coves in the world. Yes, we have said the world as some are renown worldwide for their attractiveness like the beaches of Cala Comta and Las Salinas, which runs along the Natural Parc of Ses Salinas. Even in autumn or winter, the beautiful beaches of Ibiza are well worth a visit! The way of enjoying the beach of course is different, with the water only warm enough for the brave! It’s all about discovering a quiet time far away from the bustling summer masses of tourists.

    Get off the beaten track

    Ibiza also boasts an abundance of cliff top walks, mountain hikes and countryside trails, making it a great choice for those who enjoy discovering destinations on foot! Spring, autumn and winter are the best time of the year to get to know them, escaping the high summer temperatures. Hiking allows you to discover the wilds side of the island by getting lost in the lush pine forests or climbing along the scenic coastal path. Experienced hikers or amateurs you are all welcome!

  5. The coolest shopping in Ibiza

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    While the beautiful beaches, the quiet countryside and the vivid nightlife are enough to entertain you for a week or more, Ibiza town and some of the island’s villages are worth a visit for its eclectic shops. From well-curated showrooms to quirky stores and Ibiza traditional craftwork boutiques. The choices are endless!

    Here we’ve rounded up some of our favourite shops which we think you should pay a visit next time you are here on the island:


    This shop is located just outside the historic wall of Dalt Villa, in Ibiza town. It’s the perfect place to go if you are after handcrafted products – their collection features stylish hats, baskets and traditional island style crochet accessories. With 100 years of tradition, the Bonet family certainly know a thing or two when it comes to accessorising in true Ibiza style.


    This charming store is housed in a converted traditional finca just outside the main square of the pretty village of Santa Gertrudis – is the kind of shop you struggle to walk past and not pop in! Look no further for unique homeware, delicate silk dresses and cool craftwork. You will immediately fall in love with this shop and its laid-back bohemian vibe and we are pretty sure you will happily come back to every time you visit the island.


    The village of San Rafael was declared the island’s only Craftwork Special Centre in 1990 because of its traditional pottery shops – Ceramica Can Kinoto and Ceramics Icardi. In these famous ceramic shops, you will find beautiful handmade potteries – the perfect unique souvenir or gift for your loved ones.


    Merel and Alok are the founders of this renown brand from Ibiza, epitomising the island’s hippie spirit. Their pieces range from boho handbags, richly embroidered and made from fabrics sourced in Mexico, Rajasthan and Morocco, to ethnic leather boots and colourful dresses. In addition to the main store, on the Sant Joan road, you can find their unique pieces at Las Dalias hippy market.


    When you’re driving from Ibiza to Santa Gertrudis, you don’t expect a cute shop like La Galería Elefante at the quite busy road. But it’s there and it’s worth a visit. Hidden among the trees you will find an old finca renovated into a wonderful quirky vintage shop, chock-full of global treasures. The collections include home decoration accessories as well as excellent womenswear.


    If you have room for only one extra item in your suitcase, it should be something from the iconic brand Sal De Ibiza. Salt, after all, is part of the island’s history! The brand has now expanded ranging from its iconic salt products to beach accessories and Ibiza-inspired fashion: flowing cover-ups, pom-pom embellished kaftans, classic espadrilles and versatile swimsuits. Even if you can find their products more or less everywhere on the island, we advise you to visit their new concept stores located on the road to Santa Eularia and on the road to San José.

  6. Art galleries in ibiza

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    For many decades Ibiza has been attracting artists, bohemians and all kind of creative people from all over the world. After falling in love with this beautiful island, many of them have made Ibiza their permanent home, contributing to creating a very buzzing artistic scene. So it should come as no surprise that for being such a small island, Ibiza boasts many artistic spaces. Here some of our favourite ones:


    The charming Museum Puget sits in the historic Dalt Villa and is housed in a beautifully restored old building overlooking Ibiza Port. Here you can enjoy the works of two famous painters of Ibiza, Puget Viñas and Puget Riquer (father and son). Their works show off the old rural life of the island, the local customs and the importance of the women in the ibizenco families. On the ground floor, the gallery hosts temporary exhibitions, such as photos of the old Ibiza.


    The Contemporary Art Museum of Ibiza sits in the heart of the old town and has been beautifully restored, with glass floors laid over an archaeological site, which make the visit extra special. It was open in 1969 and has become one of the oldest contemporary art museums in Spain. The Museum features some major internationally renowned artists and really stand out for the excellent quality of its work to bring to such a small island very interesting exhibitions.


    The modern B12 The Gallery is located on the outskirts of the industrial estate near the airport. The venue is a versatile space, built to host workshops, fashion shows, photoshoots and art events, as well as its regular exhibitions featuring both international and local artists –  ranging from sculpture and paintings as well as multimedia and audiovisual work.


    Situated on the road from Ibiza Town to Santa Eulalia, this vibrant art gallery holds a popular and varied modern and contemporary portfolio from abstract sculpture, to fashion, figurative art and photography. It is also used as a creative space in which local artists, as well as exhibiting and selling their latest and greatest, can collaborate and experiment. Keep an eye on their events calendar for some of the island’s more unusual artistic events.


    The main art gallery is located in Madrid, but not long time ago Guillermo Romero decided to open a branch of the gallery here in Ibiza too. This space aims to contribute to fuel the artistic vibes of the island in honour of the great Ibiza’s spirit of the 30s & 40s. They not only host international and local exhibitions but arrange events and artistic gatherings.


    This art gallery is located in the same industrial area of the B12 The Gallery. It showcases some of the best names in contemporary art – from paintings to sculptures, video art, installations and performances. The space has a year-round program facilitating two exhibitions annually with both established and emerging artists, make sure to check the website for the current exhibition.

  7. Best wineries in ibiza

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    Ibiza, a veritable all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of beaches around a compact island, is more than just its sand and sun. There is a fantastic dose of history on the island, dating back thousands of years. There’s also a great food scene, which revolves around the local products and of course the wines.

    By no means is Ibiza like Italy or France, which are renown worldwide for their long-standing wine culture and tradition. Ibiza is much, much smaller with just a handful currently producing. Despite this, the wines are unique and interesting, capturing all the wild flavours that abound across the island.

    The weather is one of the principal advantage as well as the rich red soil which contributes to the distinctive taste of the island’s wine. The wine of Ibiza is known with the denomination of “Vino de la Tierra” and it’s produced primarily by using the local grapes of Monastrell and Malvasía.

    You can start your wine tour by going on the north of the island, in the quiet village Sant Mateu D‘Albarca, where you can see most of the wineries of the island.

    Start your visit at Can Maymó Winery, a small family-run business started by Antonio Costa in 1995. They used to focus their production exclusively on the typical Island grapes: the Monastrell grape and the white Malvasía grape. Nowadays they also include Tempranillo, Syrah and Merlot in their wines. This winery is the ideal choice if you are on holiday with your family as the vineyard includes a small farm where kids can play with animals like goats, donkeys, sheep and hens, as well as exotic birds.

    Sa Cova Winery is small, family-run winery in a sheltered valley near San Mateu. The winery was started as a hobby by Juan Boned and their first wine was launched on the market in 1993. The vineyard stretches over 10 hectares surrounded by lush pine hills. Their production is small but that’s where its charm lies. A member of the Boned family will personally take you on a tour through the vineyards and cellars, followed by a tasting of all the wines produced. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or not, this guided tour is a great way to pass the day and learn a thing or two!

    In the middle of the island you will find Ibizikus, this winery is located on the outskirt of the pretty village of Santa Gertrudis. Probably the youngest wine business on the island, Ibizikus was started by Laurent Fresard in 2006. They produce primarily using Monastrell grapes and their core product is a delicious rosé. Their wine tour takes you through their vineyard, cellars and ends with a wine tasting with tapas.

    On the West coast of the island you will find Can Rich Winery, in the quaint vineyards of Buscastell – San Antonio. Can Rich is the only organic wine-producer in Ibiza. They rooted its first grape vines in 1997 but it was only in 1999 when the actual winery was built and started to implement their unique set of organic farming techniques. The winery combines both local grapes with imported grapes to produce its wines: Malvasía and Chardonnay for the whites, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo and Monstrell for the reds, and Syrah for the sparkling wines. During their guided tour you will learn about organic wine production, the history of the bodega as well as the history of the island.

    All the wineries offer all year wine tasting tour so whenever you are planning to visit Ibiza- wether for a long week or only few days –  just let us know and we will be happy to help you book it.

  8. Activities with kids

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    The beautiful island of Ibiza is known worldwide for its vibrant music scene, late-night parties, and celeb-studded yachts, but we know that our beloved island is also a haven for families, the perfect place to spend relaxed time together.

    One of the joy of being on holiday in Ibiza is to spend lazy days at the beach with the whole family. Even if the island boasts more than 53 beaches, not all of them are suitable enough for younger kids – this is why we’ve put together a list of the most family-friendly beaches featuring spacious sandy beaches, gentle slopes into the sea and crystal clear shallow waters.

    But Ibiza offers also plenty of other kid-friendly activities where every member of the family will find something to enjoy. If you are driving towards San Antonio, consider planning a pit-stop at the aquarium of Cap Blanc. This aquarium might not win a prize as the most beautiful aquarium in the world, but it sits in a beautiful natural cave, which makes the visit extra magical. If you fancy an active holiday with the family then, depending on the age of your kids, you can either rent a bike and enjoy cycling along the coast, horse riding in nature or walking the many beautiful corners of the island.

    There is more than beaches and outdoor activities in Ibiza, the Hippy markets are the perfect way to truly experience the vibrant and laid back vibe of the White Isle. Among colourful stalls selling everything from clothing, jewellery and trinkets, children will be delighted while you will have time to indulge yourself in some shopping. Music and good food is just the icing on the cake. The Hippy Market of Punta Arabi offers also a kids area, where the little ones can create their own crown-flowers, get a fantasy face-painting or join creative workshops.

    When it comes to restaurants Ibiza has become renowned for having the best in style and flavours. Whether it’s a beachside lunch or a laid-back dining in the campo, the whole family will be spoilt for choice! If you are looking for places where kids can run free & have fun while you are enjoying a tasty meal we will suggest La Paloma in the north of the island. If you fancy dining with your feet in the sand than Tanit Beach Club is the right choice, they offer kids’ menu and provide a kids club with plenty of activities to entertain the little ones.

  9. Food With a View – 9 Restaurants With Beautiful Sea Views

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    Ibiza boasts some of the most breathtaking sea views in the world. From the famous West Coast and trendy South area, to the laid-back northern resort of Port de San Miguel, all the way to the secluded Sol d’en Serra bay on the East Coast.

    All of these areas offer spectacular vistas across the Mediterranean, not to mention the Ibiza’s magnificent sunsets. So if you love scenery and good food, make sure that you wine and dine at these top restaurants with a sea view.


    Balansat Restaurant

    Balansat is a well-known seafood restaurant located in the northern resort of Port de San Miguel, once the fishing port of San Miguel village. It’s a very popular venue with the locals, right on the beach, so it’s a great choice for families that want to spend a day at the beach. Its charming outdoor terrace affords sweeping views of the Port de San Miguel Bay.

    Aiyanna Restaurant

    Aiyanna is situated in Cala Nova beach, the up-and-coming bohemian east area. They offer a delicious Eastern Mediterranean-inspired menu with mouthwatering seafood, mezze-style dishes, organic & seasonal produce grown in Aiyanna’s own garden and superfood salads. Vegans and vegetarians are well-catered too. There’s plenty of choices as well for those who love ethically-reared and sourced meat.



    Amante Beach Club

    Nestled on the hill overlooking the beautiful bay of Sol d’en Serra, Amante Beach Club is renowned for its fine dining. The restaurant’s large open-air terrace is what truly sets it apart as its panoramic sea view is truly spectacular. Executive Chef Domingo Fernández and his team are on hand to give you a truly mouthwatering dining experience, with eclectic dishes ranging from fresh seafood to its famous homemade desserts.


    Ibiza Marina

    Trattoria Del Mar

    For a taste of the glamorous side of Ibiza life, along with striking views of the harbour and Dalt Vila, head to Trattoria del Mar. It has long been a favourite of Ibiza’s social scene due to its vivid ambience. From its open dining room you can smell the sea and keep an eye on the comings and goings of the sleek watercraft that prowl the Marina. At dusk it offers an unparalleled vista of the old town with the warm light of the cathedral shining like a beacon.



    La Escollera Restaurant

    Situated on the headland at the north end of Es Cavallet, La Escollera’s perch is the definition of prime real estate. From is expansive terrace the white sand of Es Cavallet sweeps away to your right, the ink-blue sea breaks at your feet and to the left rises the ancient stone walls of Dalt Vila, the fortified heart of old Ibiza Town.

    Ses Boques Restaurant

    See Boques is a must-visit when exploring Ibiza, for its authentic vibe. This long-established restaurant sits right on the beach. Feet in the sand, laid-back atmosphere under the Sabina trees and lovely views across the bay. It’s a traditional beach bar that kept all its existing charm. They offer a wide selection of seafood, paella and rice dishes to die for.

    Es Torrent Restaurant

    As the name suggests, Es Torrent is situated on the calm Es Torrent bay, just few minutes from the trendy area of Es Cubells. Head here if you want to enjoy some delicious seafood, while having your feet in the sand. Its menu is chock-full of the most delicious Ibiza flavours: paella, grilled seafood, bullit de piex as well as Ibiza’s crayfish stew, lobster and baked fish.



    Cotton Beach Club

    Cotton Beach Club offers an exclusive dining experience. Situated on the West Coast, in Cala Tairda, this stylish restaurant boasts fantastic views across the blue Mediterranean sea, as well as Ibiza’s famous dazzling sunsets. You can expect an excellent menu, extensive wine list and welcoming atmosphere.

    Es Boldado Restaurant

    Es Boldado is a rustic fish shack perched high on the cliff above Cala d’Hort. It offers a one-of-a-kind view of Es Vedra. You drive down a twisting gravel road to reach the restaurant and there is literally nowhere else on the island that gives you a similar overlook of the famous “magic rock”. It also serves some of the island’s best seafood. It’s cash only, so don’t forget to stop at the bank first!


  10. 5 Reasons to Visit Ibiza in The Fall

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    Ah, autumn. It’s what makes the end of summer bearable, with all that it brings the White Isle: mild temperatures, less tourists and competitive prices.

    Here are few suggestions to make the most of the fall season in Ibiza:

    Heated Pool

    As the evenings start to get a little cooler, the swimming pools do become a little fresher. That’s why we include some beautiful villas with heated pools in our portfolio. There’s no better way to keep the chill at bay than a dip into warm waters.

    Glorious Autumn Sunlight

    Ibiza’s old town with its cobbled streets, hidden alleyways and old building seems to look even more romantic in the fading afternoon light. The low angle of the sun bathes the island in a romantic golden light. Sunsets are usually accompanied by some clouds that make them even more colourful and interesting – The photography lovers are so lucky!

    Enjoying the Beaches & the Sea

    Autumn is a great time of the year to enjoy less-packed beaches and the turquoise Mediterranean sea. While the evenings become cooler, the days are still warm and the sea is likely to be at its best. Water activities are perfect to practice in October and November. Find out more information about diving, kayaking and sailing.

    Outdoor Activities

    The fall season brings pleasant temperatures which creates the ideal conditions to practice sports outdoor such as hiking, running and cycling. Here in Ibiza there are many established routes for outdoor activities, furthermore, there are many businesses that organise group tours and event – Here are few links with more information: Walking, Cycling and Horse-riding.

    Tasty Food & Wine

    Autumn is here and harvest is coming. Ibiza might not be as famous as Napa Valley or the wineries in France, but Ibiza’s wine is not less delicious! If you are interested, we can suggest a wine tour and vineyards you should visit. The months of October, November and December are also very special to Ibizan native peoples because they celebrate “La Matanza”, an historical tradition of the island, from which is made the tasty “butifarra” and “sobrasada” (cured spiced sausages).