1. Healthy Holiday in Ibiza

    In the last few years, Ibiza has become a perfect destination for families, groups of friends and couples looking to get away and unwind thanks to the wide choices of yoga retreats, beautiful spas and healthy restaurants available on the island. Many healers, yogis and wellness consultants have brought their knowledge and experience to Ibiza, […]


    Tired of indulging in paella, tapas and flan? Luckily for you, Ibiza is in the middle of a food revolution – the little island is becoming a sustainable dining destination packed with healthy cafes, farm-to-fork restaurants and eco-friendly eating spots. Read on to see where to get Ibiza’s best healthy breakfast, organic lunch and mouthwatering […]

  3. When to Book your Ibiza Holiday

    If the cold weather and short days are getting you down, let’s try to cheer you up! A great way is to start planning your Ibiza summer holiday, but there are many things to consider when it comes to booking it… If you find yourself puzzling over when is the best time to book your […]

  4. Winter sun: Ibiza’ best restaurants for outdoor dining.

    If there’s one thing Ibiza does exceptionally well it’s dining outdoors – feet in the sand, beautiful views and the gentle sea breeze. Luckily for us and the winter visitors, there are few restaurants that stay open also off-season. Let’s take a look at the best winter dining in Ibiza: YEMANJA Located halfway between the […]

  5. Cosy Winter Dining – Ibiza Restaurants With Fireplaces

    Lovers of gastronomy will be happy to know there are some restaurants that keep their doors open also off season. While the weather turns colder here on the island, you’ll be after comfort and warmth – and not just from food and drink but from roaring fires, candlelight and cosy interiors. Here’s our top pick […]

  6. Winter sun: Christmas and NYE in Ibiza.

    As winter sets in across Europe is normal to start dreaming about exotic warm destinations and Christmas is a great time to travel and get away from it all. But if you don’t want to travel all the way across the globe for some winter sunshine, look no further than Ibiza and here’s why: NEXT-DOOR […]

  7. Ibiza Christmas Gifts

    With Christmas now fast approaching, there is no better time to look for presents and if you’re stuck for gift ideas here we have a list of 5 fabulous products that are quintessentially Ibizan. Look no further! SAL DE IBIZA Sal de Ibiza offers a wide range of natural salt products, fresh from Ibiza’s very […]

  8. Things to do in Ibiza in Winter

    Even if Ibiza is a popular holiday destination in summer, the island is not any less charming in the quieter winter months. There is an Ibiza to discover beyond the bustling summer, an island full of mesmerising Mediterranean landscapes, charming villages surrounded by almond and olive trees, dreamy coves and sandy beaches with crystal clear […]

  9. The coolest shopping in Ibiza

    While the beautiful beaches, the quiet countryside and the vivid nightlife are enough to entertain you for a week or more, Ibiza town and some of the island’s villages are worth a visit for its eclectic shops. From well-curated showrooms to quirky stores and Ibiza traditional craftwork boutiques. The choices are endless! Here we’ve rounded […]

  10. Art galleries in ibiza

    For many decades Ibiza has been attracting artists, bohemians and all kind of creative people from all over the world. After falling in love with this beautiful island, many of them have made Ibiza their permanent home, contributing to creating a very buzzing artistic scene. So it should come as no surprise that for being […]