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  1. The Ibizan Finca. A Traditional Rural House of Ibiza.

    While wandering around the island you would have come across hills dotted with the whitewashed rural houses, where it seems like that architecture has frozen in time. The traditional rural house of Ibiza, also known as Ibizan finca, is a remarkable cultural heritage of the island, an architecture that had hardly changed over the centuries, […]

  2. Last Minute Bookings August Villas

    If you haven’t done it yet it’s time to book yourself an unforgettable villa experience. We’ve got the formula for a perfect summer in Ibiza! Ibiza has heated up and the island is buzzing! We now only have a handful of weeks left across our villa portfolio for last minute bookings, which won’t last for long! VILLA ORION […]

  3. Ibiza Villas with Mediterranean Architecture

    Some people love the idea of Mediterranean design without really knowing its true characteristics. But you just know it when you see it, you can almost feel it! Everything pulls together and seems authentic, pleasing to the eye, and captures a certain essence of peace and relaxation. Today we review some essential Mediterranean design characteristics: […]

  4. Ibiza Villas for large groups holiday

    When you’re planning that large family holiday to Ibiza or celebrating a special occasion with friends, we know how important is to find the perfect holiday home. When picking a villa to share with family and friends you must consider few things to maintain a harmonious feeling during the whole holiday. Give your group plenty […]

  5. Rural Holiday Villas

    If you are looking for a rural escape, don’t miss our beautiful countryside holiday homes, tucked away in the peaceful Ibiza campo. CAN FRIT Mixing modern with traditional, Can Frit is a real grand design holiday villa. The best thing about this villa is the 20m infinity pool, whether you are a lazy lounger or […]


    When it comes to the ‘Ibiza villa with the best view award’ we are blessed with quite a few contenders in our portfolio.  We have taken years to seek out beautiful houses with exceptional ‘vistas’, for our guests to enjoy on their holidays. So we are delighted to announce a new addition to the family; […]

  7. The Most Famous Ibizan Architects You Need to Know

    Ibiza enjoys a distinctive architecture – whether is traditional or modern. Just close your eyes and the first image that comes up in your mind is the island dotted with whitewashed rustic fincas surrounded by farmland or the most modern, sleek and chic newbuilt villas.   Through all our years working in property development we had the pleasure to work with […]

  8. Grand Designs Holiday Villas

    Here at Mi Casa Tu Casa Ibiza, we are passionate about property development and creating beautiful holiday homes. What makes us different from other villa rental companies in Ibiza? We don’t only rent out beautiful villas but over the last seven years we have managed several development projects and overseen a variety of other works […]

  9. 4 Villas With Jaw-Dropping Mediterranean Views

    Choosing the right villa – whether you’re going on holiday with your family, or a big group of friends can be tricky sometimes. You are spoilt of choice, with a multitude of options to suit any needs. So with that in mind, in a previous blog, we provided a short guideline to narrow down the […]

  10. Top 4 Reasons to Book Your Holiday to Ibiza in Advance

    Wandering why you should book your next holiday to Ibiza in advanced? Here are our top 4 reasons: 1. GET WHAT YOU LIKE Book next year’s accommodation early and take the villa that you like. Ibiza veterans know that our most popular holiday homes are often booked up pretty fast. 2. THE COOLEST DEALS When […]