1. 3 benefits of booking an Ibiza holiday villa with heated pool!

    Swimming pools are so much fun, for people of all ages! On holiday, swimming pool can act as the focal point, keeping the children entertained, cooling us down when temperatures get hot and providing a great place to hang out and relax during the day. That said, nobody likes to jump in a cold pool, […]

  2. Easter Celebration in Ibiza

    Spring is a great time to go to Ibiza – the days are getting longer, the island is beginning to warm up for the summer and Ibiza’s Easter celebration is something special. Wonderful Ibiza has absolutely every element vital for a great Easter weekend break (or more). Burgeoning food, arts and music scenes (find Ibiza’s art […]

  3. Ibiza Hippy Markets

    Ibiza’s famous hippy markets can make for an enjoyable and fun-filled day or evening out, with the chance to buy some unique souvenirs, enjoy a meal and see some live music. Here are the hippy markets taking place all around the island: ES CANAR HIPPY MARKET – PUNTA ARABI This is the oldest and biggest […]

  4. 3 great ways to spend quality time with your family in Ibiza

    We know that you are so looking forward to spending some quality time together, after all, that’s exactly what holidays are for, right? But do you know how you can make your next holiday with the kids truly unforgettable? Read on to find out three great ways to make the most of your time together […]

  5. Ibiza’s Architectural Landmarks

    The first thing that catches your attention when you are in Ibiza is the whitewashed churches and small rustic houses, but taking a walk through Ibiza town and you will discover some buildings, fusing different cultures and styles. Today we look at some iconic Ibiza architectural landmarks. CASA BRONER Located in Ibiza old town, in […]

  6. Celebrate Valentine’s day in Ibiza.

    Instead of spending a nerve-wracking amount of time coming up with the perfect plan for you and your beloved one this year, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are the top picks for Ibiza lovebirds this Valentine’s Day. SPA DAY EXPERIENCE There are a few beautiful Ibizan Spa’s you and your lover can book […]

  7. Ibiza Almond Blossom

    They are swooned over during winter walks. They are painstakingly painted – even Van Gogh was obsessed with them. They are cited as a symbol of the transient nature of life. And there is a contagious countdown excitement among the locals waiting for this special moment in winter. Welcome to Ibiza’s almond blossom. It’s impossible […]

  8. Healthy Holiday in Ibiza

    In the last few years, Ibiza has become a perfect destination for families, groups of friends and couples looking to get away and unwind thanks to the wide choices of yoga retreats, beautiful spas and healthy restaurants available on the island. Many healers, yogis and wellness consultants have brought their knowledge and experience to Ibiza, […]


    Tired of indulging in paella, tapas and flan? Luckily for you, Ibiza is in the middle of a food revolution – the little island is becoming a sustainable dining destination packed with healthy cafes, farm-to-fork restaurants and eco-friendly eating spots. Read on to see where to get Ibiza’s best healthy breakfast, organic lunch and mouthwatering […]

  10. When to Book your Ibiza Holiday

    If the cold weather and short days are getting you down, let’s try to cheer you up! A great way is to start planning your Ibiza summer holiday, but there are many things to consider when it comes to booking it… If you find yourself puzzling over when is the best time to book your […]