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  1. Discover the undiscovered side of Ibiza.

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    One of the things most people love when they are on holiday is to discover new places. So today we look at some places which, despite their beauty, have remained unspoiled and off-the-beaten-track.


    Probably the most famous “hidden gem” on the island. Surrounded by pine forests and some fisherman’s haunt, this beach feels like a true escape. Getting there is not for everybody and this keeps visitors number low. Before heading to the beach make sure to buy some food and drinks as there aren’t any amenities available nearby.


    This is the right place if you seek seclusion. Es Portitxol looks like a lagoon surrounded by unspoiled nature, the beach is almost circular and the water of a beautiful green and turquoise colour, perfect for snorkeling. Getting there involves some serious hiking so make sure to be prepared and bring all the essentials.

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    Located on the North of the island near Port de Sant Miquel, Caló des Moltons is a quiet bay with flat rocks and pebbles, boathouses, and cool, still water. Easily accessible by foot on the side of San Miguel beach. While it has the feel of a private find, the inlet has its own chiringuito: Utopía – a pretty wooden beach bar and surprisingly upmarket place, with good cocktails and sardine specials.


    Known also as the venue where are the Ibiza Stonehenge sits, this hugely impressive sculpture is well worth taking a wander around and is a beautiful spot to watch the sunset, so consider staying put until the evening. Want to know more unspoiled spots to watch the sunset? Read this: 5 natural sunset spots in Ibiza

    This unspoiled beauty and calm charm are further enhanced by our exceptional secluded villas on the islands. Choose yours and begin an Ibiza journey of discovery, far from the crowd.




  2. 4 Activities for Adventure Seekers in Ibiza

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    Partying and lounging on the beach might be enough for some people, but if you love adventure, we’ve got a few fun activities for you to look through while here on holiday in Ibiza.

    Experience the thrills & spills of Ibizan adventure tours!


    Who doesn’t love an off-road adventure? Discover the beautiful beaches and hidden spots of the island with a quad. If you don’t feel confident driving a quad bike by yourself and would prefer to go with another person, then a beach buggy is the ideal option for you – they are overall bigger than quad bikes and provide more protection around the outside. Don’t forget to take some pictures of this unforgettable experience, because let’s face it, we all look pretty cool on a quad, right?!


    Although it’s a relatively small island, Ibiza offers a wide variety of terrains and trails for mountain biking that will take you through some of the most beautiful countryside landscapes with breathtaking views over the Mediterranean. Not to mention that Ibiza’s well-stocked cycling shops and knowledgeable local guides are a bonus!


    An experience for those who like it rough and rugged is a jeep safari – it takes you off the beaten track to places that would do some serious damage to your hire car! During the tour, you will get to discover the island’s iconic landmarks as well as some beautiful hidden spots. Some tours also offer a range of 4×4 trips that last for several hours, with as much on or off-road as you like.


    The island’s coastline is dotted with many diving centres that will take you to Ibiza’s protected marine areas to discover its beautiful underwater worlds. Want to know the best scuba diving spots in Ibiza? Read our previous blog Top 3 dive sites in Ibiza.

    If you want to book an adventure tour to make your holiday in Ibiza even more exciting, just let us know and we will arrange it for you.

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