Massage & Spa Treatments

Concierge Services Massage

Deep Connection Massage

This massage is about presence and attention, a fusion of various massage techniques around the world. The intention is to clear and balance the energy field (aura), that extends beyond the physical body and help feel lighter, relaxed, and in flow.

75 min. €180
Concierge Services Spa

Detox Massage

This deep tissue massage therapy aims to release toxins and increase blood circulation. Boost your immune system and restore your body’s natural balance with a combination of deep fascia work, stimulation of organs and reflexology.

75 min. €180
Concierge Services Balinese Massage

Ibiza Balance Massage

This full-body, deep-tissue, traditional Balinese holistic treatment combines gentle stretches and rhythmical movements with the palm of the hand together with acupressure techniques to stimulate and energise the body, enhance the energy flow and restore vitality.

75 min. €120
Concierge Services Biocuantica


A subtle but powerful technique that harmonises the bio energetic flows of the body by aligning the Acupuncture meridians and Ayurvedic chakras. The result is an immediate deep relaxation, inner peace, and clarity of thought.

60 min. €250
Concierge Services Shiatsu


This holistic Japanese therapy applies finger and palm pressure to the body’s meridians and includes stretches and other massage techniques. The result is physical and mental balance encouraged by the proper flow of qi our life energy.

60 min. €140
Concierge Services Ayurveda

Ayurveda Massage

Warm sesame oil is drizzled all over your body to ensure you are relaxed from toes to top. Using essential oils, typically herbal-infused, this treatment helps to detoxify, stimulate lymphatic system, purify and restore your skin health.

60 min. €120
Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology

Relieves tension through pressure applied to reflex points on the feet, which are connected to every part of the body, including glands and organs. This treatment can improve circulation and help promote the natural function of related organs.

60 min. €120
Concierge Services Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage

Acupressure unblocks trapped energy from the body’s meridians and releases tension. It includes intensive stretching of all major muscle groups and the mobilisation of joints. No oil is applied to the skin so please wear comfortable clothing.

60 min. €140
Concierge Services Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

This specially designed prenatal treatment accommodates all stages of pregnancy after the first trimester. It consists of relaxing acupressure and stretching, that improves blood circulation, followed by a full body massage done in a side position.

60 min. €120
Concierge Services Acupuncture


Stimulation of Chinese medicine acupuncture points helps to restore flow of vital energy through the body’s meridians. It’s followed by deep tissue massage or cupping therapy to release areas of congestion. Effective for reducing back pain, migraine and burnout, as well as pelvic and back pain during pregnancy.

60 min. €150
Concierge Services Physiotherapy


Restores movement and function when affected by injury, illness and disability. The treatment is focused on therapeutic movements and manual therapy to help improve flexibility of the muscles and joints. This form of therapy can help scoliosis, lower back pain, thoracic stiffness and other conditions.

60 min. €140
Concierge Services Osteopathy


Osteopathy evaluates the whole body but focuses more on manipulation and structural alignment. This form of therapy improves the flexibility of the skeleton, organs and joints. Treatment can be targeted to focus on specific symptoms such as prolapsed disc, sciatica, neck pain, frozen shoulder, colon disease and other conditions.

60 min. €140

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