When people think of traditional food from Ibiza they automatically associate it with Spanish and Mediterranean food, like tortillas, pan con tomate, and paella. But there’s much more to Ibiza than that, the gastronomy of the island is bursting with flavours. Its rich cuisine, makes of Ibiza the perfect destination for all the foodies out there.

These are just a few of the delicacies that you can try:


It’s an Ibiza staple and it’s impossible to talk about the island cooking without mentioning it. Typically containing the freshest fishes of the day, the dish is served in two parts; first a plate with broiled fish with potatoes and aioli and as the main course, rice cooked in the fish broth. This incredibly fish stew is a must try!


A rich, heavy meal that’s the king of Ibiza gastronomy. Packed with all sorts of meat including lamb, chicken, sausage, sobrasada or butifarra and combined with potatoes, it’s perfect for those nights when you just want a hot meal – a delicious traditional comfort food.


This lobster stew, is the national dish of Menorca but has now become part of the gastronomy of Ibiza too. Strictly a summer meal, as it’s forbidden to catch lobsters from September to February. The stew is delicious in its simplicity, pieces of tasty lobster are cooked with tomatoes, garlic, peppers and onions, and served with thin slices of crusty bread.


If you are in a bar in Ibiza, order a tapas or ración of Frita de Pulpa. This recipe combines octopus with potatoes, pepper, onion, garlic and laurel, which creates an amazing flavour.


The Ibizan answer to a traditional cheesecake. Flaó is a pastry which crust is peppered with anise seeds and kept moist with anise liqueur and the filling is made from fresh cheese (ricotta or mascarpone), eggs and chopped mint. Once baked, the top is sprinkled liberally with granulated.

Enjoy you meal! Browse our Ibiza Restaurant Guide.