We are proud to be working with Ibiza Preservation, a non-profit environmental organisation, with a focus on preserving the natural beauty of the island through sustainable initiatives. Our objective is to dramatically reduce the environmental impact a villa has when occupied. Nearly 30% of Ibiza’s tourists stay in rented accommodation and countryside villas use high quantities of energy and water. The island is a fragile paradise that has become overly strained and needs to be protected.

We are leading the island’s villa sector in the area of villa sustainability and are advising AVAT (the association of villa owners and rental agencies) in collaboration with Ibiza Preservation. We want to reach all stakeholders; villa guests, owners, service providers and government bodies. We have started to work with each villa owner to create a 5-year action plan on how to make their property more sustainable. We are encouraging all our villa guests to use the villas in a responsible way during their holidays and to understand that their environmental footprint marks the island long after they have left. We also continue to change our own working practices as villa managers.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but together we can make a big difference in keeping our island beautiful so that our children’s children can enjoy it in the same way we can today.

The 5 areas of focus are;