Ibiza is undeniably a foodie heaven, from its Michelin listed restaurants to charming beach restaurants with beautiful sea views and laid-back farm to table dining spots, there is always something delicious to try around the island. It doesn’t stop there as every year, Ibiza hosts numerous food festivals to celebrate the rich culinary tradition of the island. So read on for the most unmissable Autumn food events in Ibiza.


When: From 31 October to 5 December 2019
About: Autumn is the perfect time to discover the real Ibiza, through its rich gastronomy tradition. Every Autumn the Consell of Ibiza is organizing “Ibiza Sabor”, which focuses on the promotion of the island’s products. This year edition features 51 restaurants, offering local-food-filled set menus and tapas to a very attractive price.
More info: Website Ibiza Sabor


When: 24 November 2019
About: Island foodies gather for a face-stuffing festival in the picturesque shopping haven of Sluiz Ibiza. An afternoon of pure gastronomic indulgence. Bring an appetite to make the most of this occurrence, as you’ll want to taste a little of everything!
More info: Facebook Event Page


When: 26 October 2019
About: Squid is a very common fish easily found in any market on the island, a classic dish prepared in all houses and restaurants because it can be done in many ways: grilled, fried, stuffed or with sauce. To raise awareness of the many recipes and combinations, the association of fishermen of the island holds every autumn the gastronomic fair of squid, in the pretty village of San Carlos. The day will be topped off with live music from local bands.
More info: Fishermen Facebook Page


When: 18 and 19 of October 2019
About: Tapas bars are very popular on the island, but if you want to try these Spanish specialties all in one, head over to Tapaví, the annual tapas festival held in Santa Eulalia. During these two-days event, various bars and restaurants around the town create a special tapas dish, and you can follow routes around the city to taste them all. There will also be live musical entertainment through both evenings to keep the party going with a swing.
More info: Santa Eualalia Tapaví