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  1. A Guide to Festive Ibiza Christmas Dishes

    Christmas is one of the most important celebration on the Ibiza calendar. This is a time for family reunions and spending time with loved ones, and the foods the locals eat at Christmas are a big part of this important celebration. There are many traditions and conventions to be respected when planning Christmas meals in […]

  2. First Michelin Star Restaurant in Ibiza

    After much speculation, the wait is finally over. The Michelin Guide has announced the stars & awards for 2020 and we are pleased to discover that there is eventually an Ibiza restaurant! The gala to present the new Michelin Guide Spain and Portugal 2020, which commemorates its 110th anniversary, was held on the 20th of […]

  3. Autumn Food Festival in Ibiza

    Ibiza is undeniably a foodie heaven, from its Michelin listed restaurants to charming beach restaurants with beautiful sea views and laid-back farm to table dining spots, there is always something delicious to try around the island. It doesn’t stop there as every year, Ibiza hosts numerous food festivals to celebrate the rich culinary tradition of the […]

  4. Welcome Pack – A Taste of Local Gastronomy

    Locavore literally means eating food grown or produced locally and here at Mi Casa Tu Casa we strongly support that. Agriculture, farming and fishing have always been part of the culture of the island, just have a look around to see fields of citrus, almonds and olives trees, apricots and grape. Restaurants serving fresh local […]

  5. 5 Delicious Typical Dishes From Ibiza You Should Try

    When people think of traditional food from Ibiza they automatically associate it with Spanish and Mediterranean food, like tortillas, pan con tomate, and paella. But there’s much more to Ibiza than that, the gastronomy of the island is bursting with flavours. Its rich cuisine, makes of Ibiza the perfect destination for all the foodies out […]

  6. The best Ice Cream Shops in Ibiza

    Is there anything better than to cool off in the summer sun with a delicious ice cream? From the smoothest flavour to fruit-infused sorbet, this is where to find the most delicious ice cream on the White Isle. Vivi’s Creamery – La Marina Ibiza Town Is this the most photographed ice cream in Ibiza? The […]

  7. Best wineries in ibiza

    Ibiza, a veritable all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of beaches around a compact island, is more than just its sand and sun. There is a fantastic dose of history on the island, dating back thousands of years. There’s also a great food scene, which revolves around the local products and of course the wines. By no means is […]

  8. Eat Like a Local. Enjoy a 3 Course Meal of Traditional Ibicenco Food.

    Ibiza is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in Spain. A true paradise of spectacular beaches, hidden coves, dream landscapes and breathtaking sunsets. But where does it’s gastronomy sit in all this? Luckily, the culinary delights of Ibizan gastronomy are no exception. Let’s discover our top 3 island’s gastronomic delights – food you […]