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  1. Five Easy Ways to Help the Environment while Travelling to Ibiza

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    Ibiza is a paradisiac island, gorgeous beaches, crystal clear waters, buzzing nightlife & rich history. But as every gorgeous touristic place in the world, the island struggles to maintain a balance between the natural world and the needs of a tourism industry craving to enjoy that beauty.

    There’s no denying that travel has a significant environmental footprint, and it’s something we think about rather a lot here at Mi Casa Tu Casa. Here are five ways to reduce your impact when you’re in Ibiza:

    Mindful Water Consumption

    Ibiza is struggling to cope with a boom in tourism and every summer the island experiences a shortage of water. Using water wisely is one of the best things you can do for the island and there are many little ways in which we can save water on a daily basis. Remember every little drops count so consider turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or while you soap and shampoo in the shower. When it comes to washing clothing, consider doing the laundry once per week rather than every two days.

    Want to know more? Watch this video by Ibiza Preservation Found.

    Respect the Environment

    The beautiful beaches of Ibiza are becoming more and more dirty, with cigarettes butts, garbage, wrappers, tin cans, plastic bottles, straws etc. Remember that if each of us don’t take care of the beach, nobody will! So even if not all the beaches of Ibiza are equipped with the appropriate rubbish bins, make sure not to leave it there! Ibiza is also tackling a less visible environmental issue which has to do with the preservation of Posidonia meadows. This submarine plant, plays a very important role in keeping the water of the island so crystal clear. It provides oxygen, creates the ideal habitats for the survival of multiple marine species and helps stop the erosion of the beach. Over the last years unfortunately, the areas covered with posidonia have reduced due to the increase of yacht activities anchoring irresponsibly in the meadows. Anchoring over posidonia is prohibited by law, and there are specific areas that are now protected. So keep in mind that anchoring is permitted off beaches and in coves, so long as there is an area of sand.

    Reuse, reuse, reuse

    There is already enough trash in this world, so try to think about alternative solutions when buying during your holiday here in Ibiza. Avoid plastic bottles, instead buy glass bottles whenever you can. Most of restaurants in Ibiza serve still and sparkling water in glass but if they don’t you can alway ask for it. Drinking water from glass is a safe and the most sustainable way. Another great way is to use a reusable water bottle and fill it up when possible, you save money and you save the planet! Be mindful when buying food – there are so many beautiful fabric bags to carry your shopping in, so why not pack one in your luggage and use it whilst on holiday?

    Keep it Local

    Engage with the local community. By this we mean support the local businesses rather than big brands, buy artisanal souvenirs, do the grocery in local shops selling products directly from the farmers of Ibiza. Eat locally.

    Offset your Carbon emission

    Most airlines give you the chance to offset your carbon emissions when buying a plane ticket. Usually, this will go towards reducing carbon elsewhere by planting trees or minimising methane gas in agriculture. Some environmentalists argue that it’s more beneficial to choose your own carbon-offset programme, so you can choose what will most benefit the country you’re visiting. Use Myclimate to calculate how much carbon your journey will use, then pick one of their varied global programmes.

  2. Best Beaches for Snorkeling in Ibiza

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    The sea around Ibiza is home to the world’s largest living organism – rich beds of deep green posedonia seaweed that create a lush habitat for an abundance of fishes and other sea creatures.

    Thanks to the mild climate, you can swim in the sea from June to October, sometimes also in November! These balmy temperatures make Ibiza the perfect place for practicing some snorkeling.

    Let’s have a look at Ibiza’s top snorkeling spots:

    The quiet north is the best spot for snorkeling and the bay of Cala Xarraca is no exception. Drive down a short winding road which opens onto a small but perfectly formed cove, the large rocks a short distance out beckon you to swim and explore. The rugged coastline is full of hiding places for sea creatures so get your mask, a breathing tube, your flippers and be ready to explore!

    The amazing rocky cove of Punta Galera not only offers a breathtaking landscape, it also has crystal clear waters, which lets you see through to find a wide variety of plants and sea animals. Although it is a rocky beach, it is a very comfortable location from where you can watch mesmerizing sunsets.

    Located very close to the popular Cala Bassa, Cala Codolar has a completely different vibe, quieter than its neighbour beach. Its blue waters are a true paradise for swimmers, but especially for snorkel lovers of the island.

    Don’t let the popularity of this beach fools you. Cala Conta is one of the greatest places for snorkeling in Ibiza, without talking about its beautiful turquoise colour of the sea. Swim along the coastline to find small coves, surrounded by rocks where you can see an abundance of marine life.

    So get snorkeling and explore the wonderful world beneath the surface of Ibiza’s crystalline waters. If you are a professional diver than check our previous blog: Top 3 Dive Sites in Ibiza

  3. 5 Tranquil Ibiza beaches

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    We know that the main season in Ibiza can be chaotic, so if you are looking for something more quiet head over to these bays – from wild & free bays to perfect little white-sand coves.

    Here’s where to find the very best peaceful beaches in Ibiza.


    The secluded beach of S’Estanyol, located near Ibiza town, is home to the charmingly rustic yet bohemian Cala Bonita restaurant. This beach is a popular one among the locals, perfect for families to escape the crowd on a busy summer day. 


    Best for long, lazy days, Cala Carbó boasts clear waters and a relaxed vibe. This idyllic inlet on the south-west coast is a local favourite one.  Take a good book and lounge on sunbeds plumped up with mattresses under rakish raffia parasols, then sit down to pans of mouthwatering paella and ice-cold rosé – there’s no rush here.


    Best for unspoiled sunbathing, Cala Olivera is located in the exclusive area of Roca Llisa. Cala Olivera is one of those rare Ibiza gems – a beach that’s never overcrowded. To reach it requires a drive down a dusty road so you’ll need a car, but once there you’re met by a sticker-sized cove of golden sand ensconced in emerald water and contorted rocks that cry out to be used as a makeshift bed for the day.


    This tiny bay is renown for the best bullit de peix on the island. Home to the authentic Ibicenca restaurant ‘El Bigote‘, Come here for lunch to feast on freshly caught grilled fish, and remember, even royals need to book ahead.


    If you love hiking, this is the right beach for you! With a path that goes through pine forests on the side of a cliff edge and breathtaking views out to the blue sea, the walk to Es Portitxol is a journey through vivid colour. Allow an hour to reach the lagoon-shaped bay and enjoy every second of the coastal path. Make sure to bring waters & food as there are no amenities on the beach or along the walk.

    Want to discover more beaches in Ibiza? Visit our Ibiza Beach Guide.

  4. How to choose the right villa for your Ibiza holiday

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    Choosing holiday accommodation can be very time-consuming. With a huge array of accommodation options in Ibiza, it’s hard to know where to stay. Knowing what you want is key to narrow down your choices, is location on your top list or is seclusion the key factor for you?

    Here’s a simple breakdown to help you pick the right villa for your Ibiza holiday:


    You need to determine the location of your accommodation versus the areas that you are likely to visit during your stay. It would be better if the accommodation you pick is near the places that you would like to visit.

    If you are keen on stay on the buzzing West coast then Villa Sandia or Can Coco are the right choices for you.

    If you would like to stay in the heart of the island, then Can Canto is the right accommodation for you. This beautiful reformed finca kept all the charm of the traditional countryside home of Ibiza. Can Frit is another stylish original finca located in the quiet countryside.

    In the South, you can pick Can La Pi, Villa Orion in the exclusive area of Es Cubells or Can Yondal which is located only a short drive from the trendy beach of Cala Jondal.



    Whether you are traveling with your family or a large group of friends you need to choose the right accommodation for your needs. For families on holiday in Ibiza, a smaller villa is a good option because it offers a more intimate space. While for large group of friends, big villas are a good options as you can stay all in one place and make the most of your time together.



    Not all the holiday rental companies offer additional service. But here in Mi Casa Tu Casa, we’re driven by the desire to deliver exceptional holidays. We understand that little things can make a big holiday and that’s why we provide additional services to complement your stay in our villas.


  5. The best Ice Cream Shops in Ibiza

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    Is there anything better than to cool off in the summer sun with a delicious ice cream? From the smoothest flavour to fruit-infused sorbet, this is where to find the most delicious ice cream on the White Isle.

    Vivi’s Creamery – La Marina Ibiza Town

    Is this the most photographed ice cream in Ibiza? The pastel blue branded ice cream shop has cropped up all over social media this summer. Ice cream fans will be happy to know that they can create their cone choosing within a wide range of flavours from fresh fruity to the richest classic (pistacchio, chocolate, coffee and stracciatella). For the health conscious, the menu has a selection of smoothies – always according to the motto: everything is fresh and seasonal, like the watermelon-ice-cream in the summer – yummy!

    Barocco – Dalt Villa

    Just up on the wall of the historic Dalt Villa sits Barocco ice cream shop. The little shop offers brilliant artisanal gelato so no wonder that has become an evergreen hit on the Ibiza ice-cream scene – expect some queue during the summer months. This gelateria is the perfect place to stop and get refueled before starting wandering around the picturesque streets of Ibiza old town.

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    Viccio – San Carlos

    Located in the pretty village of San Carlos, Viccio ice cream shops is a local favourite. You can sample any of the flavours, and portions are by the cup so you can enjoy a combination. Among its flavours, we recommend the hazelnut, pistachio, dulce de leche with chocolate and banana split. In addition to homemade ice cream, its menu also includes homemade lemonade, cakes, sweet crepes, milkshakes and Italian granitas!

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    El Alchimista – Santa Eulalia

    The only thing better than gelato in a sun-drenched Italian seaside town is the very same gelato served in a sun-drenched Ibiza seaside town. At the end on the promenade of the pretty town of Santa Eularia you will find this cute Gelateria. All the gelato is made by young Italians and there is also an onsite patisserie with very tasty cakes, biscuits and Italian-style sweet treats.


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  6. Things you can do In Ibiza in August

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    August is the hottest month in Ibiza, and so we tend to spend most of our time outside. Whether you fancy enjoying a movie beneath the stars, or prefer to kick back and enjoy a boat trip away from the crowd, you’ll be spoiled for choice when visiting Ibiza in August.


    If you love movies then you’ll be happy to know about Cinema Paradiso and Cinema A La Fresca, both unmissable highlights of the Ibizan summer. Some of this year’s movies on offer include La La Land, Moulin Rouge, The Wolf of Wallstreet, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and for the little ones, Ice Age, Minions and Secret Life of Pets. It’s the fact that the screenings take place in beautiful settings outside after dusk, and nothing could be more romantic than kicking back to a good film beneath the stars. Cinema A La Fresca is completely free while Cinema Paradiso tickets are 16€ (including popcorn, a bean bag, and a drink).

    Sipping a delicious cocktail & enjoy the beautiful Ibiza sunset make a perfect addition to your August agenda. Check out our list of iconic sights, some of the islands most awe-inspiring sunset spots, where you can enjoy the magical sunset and kick back with a delicious drink in your hand.

    There’s no better time than August to enjoy a boat trip in the turquoise waters and get away from the crowd. While the beaches get pretty busy you can enjoy a relaxing day trip on board of our Aurora. It’s definitely worth exploring the island from a different side and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Mediterranean sea.

    After a long day sunbathing in Ibiza, or after spending time sightseeing Ibiza town, what could be better than to catch some live music in the evening? Ibiza offers a whole range of open-air concerts from Children of the 80’s, to rock nights in Santos Hotel and free concerts in Ibiza Town. There simply is something for everyone.

  7. Best Brunch places in Ibiza.

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    Whether you’re on your way home after a night on the dancefloor, up early for a full day’s sightseeing, or having a slow morning before hitting the beach, a delicious brunch is essential. Here we’ve listed some of the best brunch spots on the island for a mid-morning meal.


    Located in the iconic Hotel Montesol, on the grand square of Vara de Rey, Cafe Montesol offers every Sunday, from 12pm to 5pm, a buffet-style brunch with a wide selection of delicious food. You can enjoy a lazy lunch while soaking up the sun on the gorgeous terrace, or indulging in the old school glamour of the Art Deco-inspired interior.


    You can find this cafe all over the island – Santa Eulalia, Marina Botafoch, Platja d’en Bossa and Sant Josep. Passion café offers some very mouthwatering dishes! Focusing on healthy food you can find here Acai bowls, chia porridge, numerous granolas and grains and healthy juices. But if you need some carbs to recover from a heavy night don’t worry as the menu features also the classic eggs and bacon, smoked salmon, pancakes, five different types of avocado toast as well as an extensive range of smoothies and excellent coffee.


    Located in the charming village of Santa Gertrudis, Wild Beets is a popular place for vegan & vegetarian. Offering a great selection of breakfast fare, whether you want the super-healthy, or clean-living version. This is a great cafe to while away a morning drinking coffee, enjoying a hangover-busting juice, and eating delicious healthy food.


    With a prime location right on the water and with excellent views, Cappuccino is a perfect place to enjoy brunch on a Sunday morning. As you would expect, they have the coffee down pat, but their pastries, eggs, pancakes and other breakfast dishes are all excellent. This is not the cheapest breakfast venue but the service is fantastic, the setting unbeatable, and best of all, the coffee and food are of great quality.


    A San Antonio legend and busy and popular all year round, Rita’s Cantina is a good place for breakfast right next to the marina. Here you can find all kind of breakfasts – the classic Spanish tostada, the full English with eggs & bacon, the German option with cured meats or the healthy breakfast with goji berries and a Vitamin D rich carrot juice.

  8. Art exhibitions you need to visit this summer in Ibiza

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    1 – Bill Viola – La Nave Salinas

    Bill Viola is one of the leading artists of our time who is widely recognised as a pioneer in the development of video art. As part of its ongoing mission to bring cutting-edge, international art to Ibiza, La Nave Salinas presents two pieces of this contemporary video artist, ‘Fire Woman’ and ‘Tristan’s Ascensions’. If you are interested in a guided tour, they offer it every Wednesday at 11 a.m., Fridays & Saturdays at 7:00 p.m. Visits may be in English or Spanish and require a prior subscription at: Any other day you are welcome to visit the exhibition by yourself. For more information: FB La Nave Salinas

    2 – Jimmy Nelson – Agroturismo Atzaró

    As part of this year art exhibitions, Agroturismo Atzaró will host internationally acclaimed Jimmy Nelson with its ‘Homage to humanity’ collection. The exhibition opening on the 17th of July will also feature live music, drinks and an introduction by Jimmy Nelson himself. The photographs will be visible until Monday the 6th of August. For more information visit: Agroturismo Atzaró Events.

    3 – Tony Lewis – Art Projects Ibiza

    Cirque du Soleil co-founder Guy Laliberté is championing Ibiza’s contemporary scene with Art Projects Ibiza. Set up just north of Talamanca, this summer exhibition features works by American artist Tony Lewis. An exhibition of four to five different drawing in which the artist explores how to translate “drawings and language in physical movement, in actions”. For more information:

    4 – Bloop Festival

    If you love more underground then don’t miss the annual Bloop Festival dedicated to urban art. The OpenAir.Gallery is a long-term project that aims to convert the entire island into a true outdoor gallery. This year 8th edition will run from 23rd August to 8th September. For more information:

    If you want to know more about art in Ibiza, read our previous blog: Art Galleries in Ibiza.

  9. Gluten-Free Dining in Ibiza

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    Whether you’re eating gluten-free because you suffer from food intolerance or because you’re making the switch for lifestyle reasons, Ibiza has options that will work for you. Here are our 5 favourite cafes & restaurants for gluten-free holidays in Ibiza.

    La Paloma Cafe

    The food served at La Paloma Cafe fits perfectly with the rural atmosphere, as the dishes are made from the finest natural and organic seasonal foods, especially since many of its produce comes straight from their own gardens. Housed in a lovely ‘casa payesa’ near the tiny heart of San Lorenzo village, La Paloma is a wonder to enjoy gluten-free treats.

    Wild Beets

    An island institution for health-conscious foodies, Wild Beets is located in the pretty village of Santa Gertrudis. On the menu, you will find cruelty free, plant-based, raw, organic, gluten-free and seasonal food served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


    The new cafe of Nobu hotel offers a wide variety of gluten-free pastries along with a wide range of products to enjoy a delicious breakfast in a beautiful setting. On its menu you’ll find, in addition to gluten-free products, a wide variety of fresh juices, salads with superfoods and a deliciously healthy cuisine.

    Los Otros

    Los Otros is a space designed to indulge all the senses and concept store loaded with treasures of every kind. It’s a place to feast on homemade vegetarian food! You can find them in the pretty village of San Juan and in the harbour of Santa Eularia.

    The Skinny Kitchen

    The motto of this healthy food cafe is “Eat Clean, Rave Dirty”. You can find it both in Ibiza Marina and San Antonio bay. Its menu is packed of low carb, protein-packed veggie salads, wholesome, gluten-free dishes. There are also some fab and guilt-free desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth.

  10. Last Minute Bookings – Summer 10% OFF

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    If you haven’t done it yet it’s time to book yourself an unforgettable villa experience. We’ve got the formula for a perfect summer in Ibiza!

    Ibiza has heated up and the island is buzzing! We now only have a handful of weeks left across our villa portfolio for last minute bookings, which won’t last for long!

    July 14-21 and July 28-August 4 / price €18000

    This wonderfully spacious 5 bedroom villa boasts amazing sea views. Located on the striking coastline of Es Cubells, on Ibiza’s south coast has been long regarded as one of the Mediterranean’s finest and most striking villa locations. This tiny cliff-top village, with its archetypal Ibicencan whitewashed church, is surrounded by a mountainside that plunges into the crystal clear waters below and enjoys majestic southerly sea views. Villa Orion is one of the impressive properties dotted along this rugged and dramatic setting. It has been recently renovated in a chic and modern style and has incredible sea views from nearly every room as well as from the expansive terraces, the spacious pool area and the grass lawn. Perhaps you won’t be attending the church’s Sunday morning service, but we do recommend you sip a ‘cortado’ coffee at the village’s little café and quietly take in the breathtaking view. It’s a spiritual experience.

    August 11-18 
    / price €10.000

    Can Torrent is a newly built five bedroom villa in a superb location, surrounded by pine forests. It is only a 10 minute walk to Es Torrent beach and restaurant, seen by many as the best beach restaurant on the island, and only four minutes drive from Cala Jondal’s famous beach clubs…..oh, and there is also Es Xarcu beach restaurant which is just three minutes away and also competes for Ibiza’s best seafood restaurant title. The villa is decorated in a cool minimalist style with a warm Indonesian twist. It is a great spot to relax and to explore the island’s beautiful and trendy south coast.

    July 14-21 
    / price €9500

    Relax, you are on top of the world. Villa Sky sits high above the ocean on Ibiza’s beautiful south-east coast and boasts breathtaking views across azure Mediterranean waters. Villa Sky was designed by award-winning local architect Jaime Serra. It has pure, crisp, modern lines and has a high specified finish making it a stylish and comfortable house. This 5 bedroom villa is located in the secure gated community of Roca Llisa. You can access a multitude of beaches within 20 minutes including Salinas and Es Cavallet to the south and Aguas Blancas to the north. The quiet and beautiful little beach of Cala Olivera is just below the house and a 3-minute drive.

    Please let us know as fast as you can if you want to enjoy a lovely villa holiday this summer. Contact us: or call (+34) 680 56 44 45