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  1. A quick view of Ibiza hotspots for the summer 2020

    Known as the island that never sleeps, Ibiza has fast earned a reputation as one of the most exciting holiday venue in the world. A wave of openings, in the last years, is bridging old and new Ibiza, balancing the island’s dance-till-dawn south with its more calm and increasingly more food and style oriented north. […]

  2. Event about rental holiday housing in Ibiza

    The news of the tourist housing sector, innovations and challenges for the future will be discussed at the fifth Congress of Vacational Tourist Homes in Ibiza, which will be held on October 7 and 8 in Ibiza. The event is organised by the Association of Tourist Vacation Villas, Ibiza (AVAT). The AVAT was founded in 2011 and it’s a non […]

  3. Ibiza Closing Parties 2019

    As summer fades away, the clubs in Ibiza are gearing up for one last blow out to mark the closing of the party season (yay!). So grab your dancing shoes and head down to one of these closing parties for your final shape-throwing session of 2019. FLOWER POWER – PACHA When: 2nd of October About: […]

  4. 2019 Island Guide

    If you are lucky enough to be staying in one of our lovely villas this August then please feel free to take away the copies of the printed Island Guide we have left for you. For everyone else you can access The Guide through our website. The Guide covers everything from outdoor activities to the […]

  5. Ibiza Culture


    We always say that Ibiza is more than beautiful beaches, good food, and a buzzing clubbing scene. It is also an island with rich culture, and if you want to discover a bit more about its history and tradition, make sure not to miss the spectacular fiestas celebrating folklore & the patron saints of the […]

  6. Slow-living in Ibiza.

    Ibiza sounds like parties and endless nights, but beyond all the noise and everything well known about this island, there is an Ibiza with a relaxed life, a slow life. Today, we look for peace on the island of big parties; we hide in the slow rhythm that marked the lives of the locals. And […]

  7. 5 Ibiza Travel Guide and Books

    If you are planning your next visit to Ibiza, make sure not to miss any of these books. From hiking in nature to history of the island, lifestyle, and gastronomy, it seems we can’t get enough of reading about all aspect of this beautiful island. There is a fascinating and varied array of titles to […]

  8. 2019 Ibiza Opening Parties

    For many years holidaymakers, ravers, and partygoers have traveled from across the world to come to hit the dancefloor of the super clubs of the island, nowadays it’s no different. Every year there’s a strong sense of anticipation that surrounds the club opening parties. People simply can’t wait to discover which DJ will play where […]

  9. How to Celebrate Easter in Ibiza

    Easter break in Ibiza is something special. No matter if you are Catholic or not, the Holy Week, or Semana Santa, has something for everybody – from religious processions, ancient statues parades and religious floats, to extravagant nighttime parties. Easter is said to be the anticipation of the vibrant summer – warm weather, first splash […]

  10. 6 Magical Spots in Ibiza That Are Straight Out of a Fairytale

    Sometimes magic can be found in everyday life without looking for it, while other times it’s necessary to seek it out. There’s not too much work to do, however, when looking for various places to keep anyone spellbound on the magical island of Ibiza. These magical spots will leave visitors wanting to return, and after […]