The sea around Ibiza is home to the world’s largest living organism – rich beds of deep green posedonia seaweed that create a lush habitat for an abundance of fishes and other sea creatures.

Thanks to the mild climate, you can swim in the sea from June to October, sometimes also in November! These balmy temperatures make Ibiza the perfect place for practicing some snorkeling.

Let’s have a look at Ibiza’s top snorkeling spots:


The quiet north is the best spot for snorkeling and the bay of Cala Xarraca is no exception. Drive down a short winding road which opens onto a small but perfectly formed cove, the large rocks a short distance out beckon you to swim and explore. The rugged coastline is full of hiding places for sea creatures so get your mask, a breathing tube, your flippers and be ready to explore!


The amazing rocky cove of Punta Galera not only offers a breathtaking landscape, it also has crystal clear waters, which lets you see through to find a wide variety of plants and sea animals. Although it is a rocky beach, it is a very comfortable location from where you can watch mesmerizing sunsets.


Located very close to the popular Cala Bassa, Cala Codolar has a completely different vibe, quieter than its neighbour beach. Its blue waters are a true paradise for swimmers, but especially for snorkel lovers of the island.


Don’t let the popularity of this beach fools you. Cala Conta is one of the greatest places for snorkeling in Ibiza, without talking about its beautiful turquoise colour of the sea. Swim along the coastline to find small coves, surrounded by rocks where you can see an abundance of marine life.

So get snorkeling and explore the wonderful world beneath the surface of Ibiza’s crystalline waters. If you are a professional diver than check our previous blog: Top 3 Dive Sites in Ibiza