Spring is a great time to go to Ibiza – the days are getting longer, the island is beginning to warm up for the summer and Ibiza’s Easter celebration is something special.

Wonderful Ibiza has absolutely every element vital for a great Easter weekend break (or more). Burgeoning food, arts and music scenes (find Ibiza’s art galleries here); great places to eat and drink on the beach (find Ibiza’s best beach restaurants here), interesting old corners and markets to poke around (find Ibiza’s hippy markets here). There are rooftop bars with pools to hang out in and venues with beautiful sunset views (find Ibiza’s sunset bars here).

Here in Ibiza, the week of Easter is like a mini-preview of the summer ahead, chock-full of openings, special events, celebrations and good times in the sun! As always the most modern side of the island coexists with its traditional side – on Good Friday through Ibiza town takes place the traditional Easter procession. This religious procession starts at sunset from the Cathedral in Dalt Vila, when religious effigies are slowly carried by participants dressed up in traditional Catholic robes, accompanied by drumming and lit by candles through the streets of Ibiza town, stopping at every church. It’s a very spectacular parade, the atmosphere is bustling, so if you happen to be here on the island we recommend you not to miss it!

When it comes to Ibiza’s gastronomy, Easter food is more than chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs. Cuinat (a typical vegetable and chickpeas stew) and Flaó (cake made with eggs and soft cheese) are traditional Easter dishes in Ibiza. For more information on the local gastronomy, read our previous post Eat like a Local.

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