The news of the tourist housing sector, innovations and challenges for the future will be discussed at the fifth Congress of Vacational Tourist Homes in Ibiza, which will be held on October 7 and 8 in Ibiza. The event is organised by the Association of Tourist Vacation Villas, Ibiza (AVAT). The AVAT was founded in 2011 and it’s a non profit association of Holiday Rental Agencies and Property Owners of the island, which has been instrumental in the professional development and regulation of the island rental industry.

In this year’s edition, a program adapted to the needs of tourist homeowners and marketing agencies has been developed “in order to meet the challenges and deficiencies in the regulations and praxis of a growing sector that requires maximum possible professionalization “, as explained by the organizers.

In this way, over the two days several presentations, debates and round tables will be developed in which topics such as local and regional regulations, intrusion in the sector will be discussed; requirements to accommodate tourists or market stays; environmental sustainability in tourist accommodation; the present and future of tourism distribution (where the market is going, customer requests and their needs); the insurance and security of holiday homes or how to increase the profitability of a tourist home.

“Various representatives of the different municipalities will examine the political proposals for the current legislature, focusing on issues of public order, coexistence and security. One of the central debates will revolve around the liberation or regularization of the sector, lobbies and entry restrictions in this activity “, indicate the organizers.

Among the speakers of the congress, Pilar Canedo, counselor of the National Competition Market Commission (CNMC) and Mariano Juan, Regional Minister “Gestió del Territori i Lluita contra l’Intrusisme”. Professionals from the tourist accommodation sector will also bring their vision such as Nicolás Galantini, Account Manager of AJL Consulting; Alexis Barceló, CEO of Abal Consulting; Tolo Gomila, president of FEVITUR (Spanish Federation of Tourist Housing and Apartments Associations) and a Homeaway representative, among others.

Mi Casa Tu Casa will be sitting in the panel regarding environmental sustainability in tourist accommodation together with the non profit association Ibiza Preservation Foundation, Terravita, Alianza por la gestión sostenible del agua Ibiza y Formentera, Ibiza Sostenible, SolSulet.

Look forward to seeing you there!