The sunsets are magical, the beaches are less packed, the closing parties are in full swing and it’s even possible to get into the best restaurants without reservations – no stress, no fuss, just pure relaxation and fun in the sun. September, we love you!

The Ibiza veterans have known this secret for a very long time – late summer is the best time to plan a cheeky escape to the White Isle. It’s the last opportunity to get your dose of sunshine in, before the winter weather comes looming and tan time is over in Europe…

And they are right! The bustling August fades away with the crowds of summer holiday makers leaving the island, the high prices of peak season going down, as well as the high temperatures, leaving the way for gloriously warm September sunlight and great deals on villa rentals. Here at Mi Casa Tu Casa, we still have some availability left on our most popular villas, check them out: Last Summer Bliss in Ibiza.

If you’re still seeking good reasons to travel to the White Isle, here are our top 3:

Endless Summer

Nothing like the last burst of short-haul sunshine to make summer last a bit longer and carry us through the autumn with a glow. Here in Ibiza, the sea and skies are still blue as can be, the water’s warmer than ever, and the high-season tourists are all back everything’s a lot quieter. Forget about the stress of parking, or finding a spot on the beach, September beach time is all about relaxing and enjoying the sun.

Off the Beaten Track

If beaches aren’t your bag, head inland for some exploration and adventure. As the heat of summer fades, it’s the perfect time to enjoy one of the great outdoor pleasures of Ibiza: walking and hiking the many beautiful corners of the island! One of our favourite walks is the one up to Sa Talaria – the highest point of the island! Although it’s an uphill walk, don’t worry, the route is easy, with a smooth gradient, hence suitable also for families with kids. The views from the top are out of this world, and on a clear day you can see both Mallorca and the mainland.

Closing Parties

If you are up for some dancing, September is the perfect month to enjoy the dance floor with closing parties – the clubbing highlights of the season. With big DJs come big shows. Whether it’s old club names or the hype new ‘Hi’, we’re willing to bet that you’ll leave Ibiza in September with a couple of jaw dropping memories.