As we race towards the end of what has been a tumultuous and turbulent year, turning the page on a covid tainted 2020 and starting the clean sheet of 2021 feels like it couldn’t come quick enough….so what is in store for Ibiza 2021?

Despite the uncertainty, most villa companies are reporting a busy season, with many bookings from this year being pushed to 2021, some villas are already almost fully booked. The change in the quarantine rules and the imminent vaccines are all having a positive effect on travel bookings.

This year saw a surge of families coming to the island, many for the first time, utilising concierge services such as boat charters, private chefs and poolside yoga sessions at their villas to avoid the crowds whilst still making the most of their Ibiza experience. This trend is set to continue with many boat charter companies reporting a surge in bookings for the coming year.

Direct flights are available from most of the usual airlines from April time and hopefully Easter 2021 will take over from where 2020 left off. Plus with many passengers left with vouchers from cancelled flights, Ibiza is already proving to be a popular choice.

The clubs on the island have of course been closed for over a year now but there is hope on the horizon with Hi, Eden and IMS all announcing line-ups for 2021. Many are predicting that outdoor venues where there is space to safely distance will all be popular this year and most events are looking at on the spot testing to ensure its customers safety. A huge number of bars and restaurants that feed into the club scene suffered badly this year and it will be great to see the terraces of the Port and Botafoc abuzz with activity once again.

Of course the Ibiza beaches remain as beautiful as ever, barely touched by the shadow of coronavirus. The many Chiringuitos and beach bars are the perfect place to enjoy a socially distanced bite to eat whilst taking in the island’s stunning coastline.

There is no doubt that the Island has suffered this year but there is a feeling of positivity and expectation in the air, Ibiza and its inhabitants have always adapted to whatever the world throws at it. So with open hearts and only a small amount of trepidation we look to 2021 and what it will bring.