As winter sets in across Europe is normal to start dreaming about exotic warm destinations and Christmas is a great time to travel and get away from it all. But if you don’t want to travel all the way across the globe for some winter sunshine, look no further than Ibiza and here’s why:


If you fancy the idea of palm trees instead of Christmas trees, making sandman instead of snowman but don’t want to cope with a long-haul flight, then Ibiza can be a great destination to head to – right on your doorstep!


As many tourists do not consider Ibiza as a possible destination at this time of the year, the island is left to the joy of the residents and few Ibiza veterans. Far away from the buzzing summer, the island is not less charming and those seeking some fiestas will not be disappointed, as the vivid nightlife of Ibiza goes on during the festive season.


Ibiza gets plenty of sunshine all year – so there’s a good chance you’ll get some warm weather even in this colder month. Although the locals consider the winter average of 10-15C to be chilly, those from further north will take pleasure in this glorious sunshine – making it the perfect weather to snap some gorgeous photos to make your family and friends back home insanely jealous.


The feeling of Christmas is strong on the island and every village has a full programme of events. While in many countries the celebration ends on New Year’s Day, in Ibiza the celebration lasts until the 6th of January with the ‘Dia de los Reyes Magos’, otherwise known as The Epiphany – this is actually one big day of celebration on the island, with the kings bringing presents not just to the kids – but the adults too! As a tradition, many residents bring their children to the annual parade, in Ibiza Town, where the kings throw gifts, sweets and chocolates to the crowd.