After the busy summer the island seems quieter, all around there is a relaxed vibe, but there’s a secret side which not many tourists know yet… off-season the island still offering many activities.

1 – Walking on the wild side

Without the heat, it’s definitely more pleasant to enjoy hiking. Discover the natural beauty of the coastline with its empty beaches and hidden coves or you could plan an adventure in the less famous interior of the island, where you can see points of interest as diverse as ancient Arab waterways, terraced fields, wetlands with wildlife and of course lots of pine forests.

2 – Celebrate a balmy Christmas

Ibiza might not come up in your mind as a location to celebrate Christmas, but let us tell you, there’s so much to discover during this time of the year! From the balmy temperatures, the charming Christmas markets selling unique crafts to the traditional island Christmas food and drinks, Ibiza will definitely put you in a cheery seasonal mood. Discover “5 things to do this festive season in Ibiza”.

3 – Sunset Sips at Hostal La Torre

Have you ever heard that winter sunsets are something magical? Well, see it to believe it! With a rich tapestry of changing colours: swirls of oranges, reds, and purples make a scene of awe-inspiring images painted across the skies and what’s better than enjoy this wonder of nature while sipping a delicious cocktail.

4 – Last dance

Prepare yourself for one of the biggest night of the year. If you think that the parties end in summer, well, buy your ticket and come over for New Year’s Eve as the last dance of the year – and the inevitable messy day after – is as good as the famous summer parties. Check out our blog “New Year’s Eve Parties in Ibiza” to enter the New Year in the best way possible!