If you are planning your next visit to Ibiza, make sure not to miss any of these Ibiza Travel books. From hiking in nature to history of the island, lifestyle, and gastronomy, it seems we can’t get enough of reading about all aspect of this beautiful island. There is a fascinating and varied array of titles to choose from, so here’s a round-up of what we think are some of the best books about Ibiza.


If you love hiking, then don´t miss this guide showing the most secluded beaches in Ibiza. Many of them are reserved for those who don’t mind walking for a bit to get away from the crowd.

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This guide is a true island gem created by island resident Hjordis Fogelberg. She’s an artist and writer who grew up on the island after her parents arrived in Ibiza in the early 1960’s. Hjordis was also the co-founder and Art Director of Pacha magazine, so you’d be hard pushed to find someone better placed to publish a genuine insider’s guide to Ibiza.

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Filled with photographs that perfectly capture the stunning natural surroundings, relaxed atmosphere and hippy spirit of the island, Ibiza Bohemia is jam-packed with emotive images that will touch your heart. Bursting with Balearic style, iconic characters and the unrivalled beauty that make the White Isle such a unique and unforgettable destination, you will treasure the wide range of photos in this book forever. Buy: Amazon


An Ibiza resident and keen cook, as well as a partner in hot new Ibiza Town eatery El Portalon, Anne Sijmonsbergen introduces the culinary secrets of the White Island and details all the tips and techniques you will need to recreate these recipes at home. Filled with colourful photographs an delicious recipes, take home the flavours of Ibiza and indulge all the senses with this beautiful book.

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A master of design and a protector of tradition Rolph Blakstad dedicated his professional life to learning and documenting everything he could about architecture in Ibiza. This book is testament to his keen eye as well as his talent as an architect.

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