Christmas is one of the most important celebration on the Ibiza calendar. This is a time for family reunions and spending time with loved ones, and the foods the locals eat at Christmas are a big part of this important celebration. There are many traditions and conventions to be respected when planning Christmas meals in Ibiza and expectations are high.

The most popular spoon-fed dish of Christmas is “Fava pelada”, which is a cream soup made from a previously-made stew. It is made from broad beans cooked and peeled on sautéed seasonal baby vegetables and tomato with small chunks of “butifarra ibicenca” (Ibizan blood sausage). Everything is then mixed in a blender with noodles added afterwards.

This is a delicious rice with beans, pork ribs, butifarra, sobrasada and “pebrassos” the local seasonal mushrooms.

Bullit de Peix is a staple of the island gastronomy. A dish based on fish such as grouper, John Dory or red scorpionfish, which are boiled and seasoned with ‘allioli’ sauce. So delicious that we suggest you to have some bread-dipping! Some families also incorporate potatoes. With the broth a brown rice is prepared, which is served as a second course.

For many Ibicencan families, Christmas is not complete without a Sofrit Pagés. The most famous festive dish of Ibiza’s cuisine, formerly cooked on Christmas, Easter and other important dates. It’s made with chicken and lamb meat, sausages such as sobrasada, potatoes and other vegetables.

It’s Ibiza’s most typical Christmas dessert. Probably originated in the island’s Arabic tradition, this liquid dessert consists of a mix of toasted almonds, eggs, sugar and cinnamon with water or beef stock. It is served alone or with cake and biscuits to dip in, and can be enjoyed hot or cold.