Ibiza is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in Spain. A true paradise of spectacular beaches, hidden coves, dream landscapes and breathtaking sunsets. But where does it’s gastronomy sit in all this? Luckily, the culinary delights of Ibizan gastronomy are no exception.

Let’s discover our top 3 island’s gastronomic delights – food you should try at least once before leaving Ibiza. Trust us.

1) Starter – Ensalada Payesa

Made with potatoes, roasted peppers and boiled eggs, combined with sliced onions, fresh tomatoes and olives, this dish is the perfect fresh starter in hot summer days.

2) Main course – Bullit De Peix

One of the most representative dishes of the Ibizan cuisine and a very traditional treat  for any fish lover. It’s consists of two big dishes, so make sure to go there with a big appetite! The first dish is a stew made with several varieties of fish (usually grouper, scorpion fish, john dory, sea bream, monkfish…but mainly depends from the catch of the day), these are covered with a soft saffron and served with potatoes or vegetables. The broth is set aside to make ‘arroz a banda’ as a second dish.  Both, the ‘bullit’ and the ‘arroz a banda’ are served with aioli, lightened by mixing it with a little bit of fish broth before serving it on the plate. Each restaurant offers a slightly different version, so we encourage you to try this dish to believe it.

Eat it in El Carmen and see from there the sunset is an unbeatable plan. By the way, El Bigote in Cala Mastella prepares a really spectacular Bullit De Peix – probably one of the best on the island, so if you want to go there, make sure to book far in advance.

3) Desserts – Flaó

Flaó is a traditional dessert made on a dough base and filled with eggs, fresh cheese (or cottage cheese), aniseed and mint leaves. Although formerly reserved for Easter, it is now one of the fixed deserts in most restaurants throughout the year.


Image courtesy of  santjosep.net