Ibiza is a paradisiac island, gorgeous beaches, crystal clear waters, buzzing nightlife & rich history. But as every gorgeous touristic place in the world, the island struggles to maintain a balance between the natural world and the needs of a tourism industry craving to enjoy that beauty.

There’s no denying that travel has a significant environmental footprint, andove Ibiza Now it’s something we think about rather a lot here at Mi Casa Tu Casa. Here are five ways to reduce your impact when you’re in Ibiza:

Mindful Water Consumption

Ibiza is struggling to cope with a boom in tourism and every summer the island experiences a shortage of water. Using water wisely is one of the best things you can do for the island and there are many little ways in which we can save water on a daily basis. Remember every little drops count so consider turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or while you soap and shampoo in the shower. When it comes to washing clothing, consider doing the laundry once per week rather than every two days.

Want to know more? Watch this video by Ibiza Preservation Found.

Respect the Environment

The beautiful beaches of Ibiza are becoming more and more dirty, with cigarettes butts, garbage, wrappers, tin cans, plastic bottles, straws etc. Remember that if each of us don’t take care of the beach, nobody will! So even if not all the beaches of Ibiza are equipped with the appropriate rubbish bins, make sure not to leave it there! Ibiza is also tackling a less visible environmental issue which has to do with the preservation of Posidonia meadows. This submarine plant, plays a very important role in keeping the water of the island so crystal clear. It provides oxygen, creates the ideal habitats for the survival of multiple marine species and helps stop the erosion of the beach. Over the last years unfortunately, the areas covered with posidonia have reduced due to the increase of yacht activities anchoring irresponsibly in the meadows. Anchoring over posidonia is prohibited by law, and there are specific areas that are now protected. So keep in mind that anchoring is permitted off beaches and in coves, so long as there is an area of sand.

Want to know more? Discover Love Ibiza Now.

Reuse, reuse, reuse

There is already enough trash in this world, so try to think about alternative solutions when buying during your holiday here in Ibiza. Avoid plastic bottles, instead buy glass bottles whenever you can. Most of restaurants in Ibiza serve still and sparkling water in glass but if they don’t you can alway ask for it. Drinking water from glass is a safe and the most sustainable way. Another great way is to use a reusable water bottle and fill it up when possible, you save money and you save the planet! Be mindful when buying food – there are so many beautiful fabric bags to carry your shopping in, so why not pack one in your luggage and use it whilst on holiday?

Keep it Local

Engage with the local community. By this we mean support the local businesses rather than big brands, buy artisanal souvenirs, do the grocery in local shops selling products directly from the farmers of Ibiza. Eat locally.

Offset your Carbon emission

Most airlines give you the chance to offset your carbon emissions when buying a plane ticket. Usually, this will go towards reducing carbon elsewhere by planting trees or minimising methane gas in agriculture. Some environmentalists argue that it’s more beneficial to choose your own carbon-offset programme, so you can choose what will most benefit the country you’re visiting. Use Myclimate to calculate how much carbon your journey will use, then pick one of their varied global programmes.