In the last few years, Ibiza has become a perfect destination for families, groups of friends and couples looking to get away and unwind thanks to the wide choices of yoga retreats, beautiful spas and healthy restaurants available on the island.

Many healers, yogis and wellness consultants have brought their knowledge and experience to Ibiza, contributing to the rise of this healthier lifestyles. So let’s have a look at how you can do Ibiza, the healthy way!


When you think about the Spanish cuisine, you think about a balanced Mediterranean diet – plenty of fish, rice and fresh vegetables. This, combined with the island’s bohemian roots, has given birth to a vivid culture of alternative and sustainable living – all around the island traditional restaurants and tapas bars are joining forces with organic shops, farm-to-table restaurants & healthy cafes. Nevertheless, if you would prefer to enjoy a delicious meal in the comfort of your holiday home, our private chef would be happy to cater to your taste,  including vegetarian and vegan preferences.


Sometimes, there’s nothing better than completely disconnecting from your everyday routine and taking some time for yourself. In a previous blog we listed our favourite Ibiza’s spas, were you can go to relax and recharge – either for a few hours or a full day of detoxing. In our holiday homes we also offer in-house massage&spa treatments. Just let us know what you would like and we’ll arrange it for you.


If you would like to start your day with peace and tranquility, make sure to book a morning yoga session with our professional yoga teacher. If you want to keep in shape during the holiday then a personal trainer is the perfect tonic. Both sessions can be booked for a single person or as group class.

For more information on any of our additional services please contact us.