Over the past few years many Ibicencan fashion brands have started embracing sustainable fashion model using organic materials for their designs as opposed to fast fashion and massive production of clothing. We round up some of the best here.


Who doesn’t know the traditinal footwear, the authentic Ibicencan espadrillas. Estrivancus is a sustainable footwear brand using only natural materials. Hand-crafted by island’s artisan Maria Morcillo, the brand was born in 2016. Quality, sustainability and tradition are the three principles that Maria strives to follow when creating its collections. That’s why Estrivancus only sells a small number of pieces for each design.



A husband and wife team (and now with their daughter working for them too) Beatrice San Francisco makes knitted clothing for both women and men, designed to be so comfortable they can be worn for any occasion. The designs are fluid, loose knit and often asymmetric, and not only are they made on the island but the natural fabrics and colour schemes are inspired by Ibiza itself.



Etikology is a brand that strongly believes that fashion has the power to change lives. Nadège and Hariken are the “duo” behind Etikology. What inspired them to start their own collection was a trip to Africa, in which they saw the negative effects of fashion mass productions, o once back on the island they wanted to do something to do their part to change things and decided to create a fashion brand committed to sustainability and slow fashion. Using sustainable materials, organic cotton and natural dyes, they create comfortable and environmental-respectful clothes.


Based in Ibiza, La Brisa strives not only to create products with sustainability in mind but also to incorporate social responsibility into its business. Their pieces are made with vegetable fibers and the colors are achieved with natural dyes, all have the Gost certificate. The naturalness is breathed in all its collections that are marked by simplicity and freshness. The search for the best quality is essential for this firm that incorporates in its creations very careful seams, different accessories, the use of packaging with recycled materials and 100% organic cotton.