We are always thinking of ways to give our guests the best complete holiday experience and selecting the right partners to deliver guest services.We like to work with companies that share our values, striving to offer a great service and go the extra mile. We like to work with local companies who really know their sector and really know Ibiza. So selecting Moto Luis as our car rental partner from day 1 was an easy decision to make . They have a great history and it’s a story we want to share. 

The start

Motor Luis is a family run, local car rental company that was founded in 1956 by Mariano Roig. Initially it only had 12 Vespas and two three-wheelers and its very first car rental was in 1963.

Since the very beginning it has been a family run business. The focus is on personalised, 5 star service. After Mariano retired in 2011, after over 6 decades, his two daughters Marga and Marta now run the business with the same ethos and values as their father. And they are always happy to share their knowledge and love of the Island with their clients.





Things have certainly changed since their first vespa rentals. They now not only offer some of the most innovative top of the range models such as Range Rovers and Wrangler Jeeps but now have 6 fully-electric cars in their fleet. Including the Peugeot e-208 and the Renault Zoe.


Ibiza is ideally suited to the sudden popularity of electric cars, only 21 miles long and 12 miles wide you can be sure that you will never be far from one of the Islands 31 charging points. Most of our villas parking areas have charging access so you can be secure in the knowledge that not only will you reduce fuel costs but that you can be part of the growing sea of people committed to creating a more sustainable tourist model visiting the island. To see available parking with charging spots simply head to Electromaps this fantastic app not only lets you know where the charging points are across the Island but also whether they are in use or not. 

It’s great to see a family business with genuinely local roots embracing this new area of growth and change that will  mean a cleaner, safer island for all.