Dive in, the water is beautiful

We all know how important the swimming pool is for your summer holiday. For most it’s the focal point of the villa, where hour after hour is spent playing, relaxing, exercising and refreshing. That’s why we meticulously study the design and quality of every pool before we list a villa.


So, what makes a great pool?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course and everybody has their own view based on their use, but we have taken some of the key design ingredients to make a selection of stunning pools.

Villas With Pools Kids

Whilst our core focus is on creating exceptional Ibiza villa holidays for our guests, we have also helped many villa owners transform their properties through our development project management service, and swimming pool design is always a key part of any project. Please read on, have a look at some amazing pools and take your pick. Maybe you will be diving in this summer….


1. Enhancing the view

The view, and in particular a sea view, is number one on our list, and this can be impressively enhanced with an infinity effect edge whereby the water of the pool blends seamlessly with the sea behind giving a mesmeric sensation whilst lazily swimming along.

Can Vildas  The 50 mile stare:  Dark tiles immediately set the tone of this Impressive 15m long pool with infinity edge. The multi layered views are meditatingly amazing as the villa sits a top a 200m high ridge in protected pine hills and stretch all the way to Ibiza’s west coast and the islands beyond.

Can Vildas Pool Sea Views

Can Tamanaco  The perfect view: For one of our smaller villas, Can Tamanaco has a surprisingly large pool and its infinity edge is a wonderful feature. The villa enjoys lovely sea views over the bay of Cala Tarida and the west coast.


2. The bigger, the better

Yes, size is important, but there is so much more to a great pool than just how long it is. Smaller pools can be beautifully intimate and relaxing when linking with the natural surrounds. It’s all in the design details.

Sa Torre Infinite relaxation: Sa Torre has a magnificent 25m long pool, but it’s not just big, it is beautiful with dark and soothing Bali tiles and a large shallow platform for the little ones to enjoy, and building a 25m long infinity edge without even 1mm of error is the art of great building defined.

Can D’Alt Intimate and perfectly formed: Can D’alt’s pool, whilst no giant, is beautifully designed so that the water level is flat with the surrounding terrace and with a stunning infinity edge so you can enjoy the striking views over Salinas to the island of Formentera as you practice your breast stroke.

Villa Can Dalt 12


3. Choose a colour

The tiles used effect the colour of the water which in turn creates widely varying visual impressions. Light beige tiles give a natural turquoise tone of a sandy formentera bay, dark grey and green tiles produce a deeper cooling tropical tone, whilst light blue and white creates a vibrant inviting bright blue.

Can La Pi Linked with the landscape: Can La Pi is a 3 bedroom jewel of our portfolio with a lovely pool which uses the same sandy coloured tiles as the surrounding terrace and natural stone walls making it blend beautifully with its surrounds and giving a lovely refreshing water tone.

Can Calma Blend with nature: With its 12m infinity edge, brightly inviting water color, shallow platform by the steps and views to the island of Formentera the pool at immediately Can Calma stands out. However it is its position in relation to the villa that is really its defining feature; being 20m from the villa and a terrace lower it means it is always slightly separate but always in sight and frames the lovely views to perfection.

Can Calma Terrace Sea Views

Can Yondal The lands and the sea: Green emerald and turquoise sand colours is the result of the varying natural tones in the Can Yondal natural stone pool tiles. The villa has amazing southerly views and is set in a pine covered hill which enhance the colours even more giving an ever moving playful effect. Wonderful.


3. Keep it warm

Several of our villas have installed energy efficient heat pumps to warm the warm the temperature in early and late season. It’s a wonderful way to extend the season and means the kids can be playing in the water for hours like it’s July (or you can really enjoy doing some early morning pre breakfast laps).

Can Tanques Solar powered swimming: With its 25 solar panels Can Tanques’ pool can be heated with zero energy consumption during the sun hours, which in Ibiza is pretty much all the day. Simply wonder down the eight steps from the villa’s main entertaining terrace and dive straight in. The pool is surrounded by the lovely ‘campo’ close to the chic and buzzing villa of Santa Gertrudis in tec middle of the island.

Can Tanques Pool Sunbeds View

Can Haya El mirador: The spectacular sea views are a permanent backdrop when you are staying in Can Haya and the pool heating means that you can enjoy them whilst swimming all the way from late March to early November. Not only is there an infinity edge to enhance this visual delight but the water level is flat with the terrace due to the overflow channel running all around the pool edge. It’s a design gem.