Breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day, and sure it is! But we know that early breakfast and Ibiza don’t always get along, especially if you’ve been up all night dancing! But we are also aware that breakfast is what sets us up for the many adventures that await in Ibiza and finding the right breakfast spot, with a late hour breakfast served, is essential. That’s why we have gather together where you can find the island’s best wake up call!


How good it feels to start the day having breakfast in front of the sea. This is what’s on offer at Ayianna, located in Cala Nova beach, a beach restaurant which retains the island’s bohemian spirit of the past, but with an added touch of chic. If you are an early bird, you can also join their yoga classes and then recharge your batteries with a delicious, healthy breakfast which includes freshly squeezed juices and to eat fresh fruits, eggs, natural yoghurt, cereals, nuts and freshly baked wholemeal breads. Of course, you can simply enjoy the breakfast if the yoga doesn’t appeal to you.


Every morning at the Ibiza Gran Hotel, the Costa Mara Restaurant serves one of the most amazing breakfasts on the island. The buffet comprises different serving stations, such as the diet zone, the freshly cut fruit counter, the fresh fruit juice counter, the chocolate fondue with pancakes, another counter serving eggs cooked to guests’ requirements, along with cold meats and other delicatessen items, including fresh oysters, home-made yoghurts and freshly made confectionery. The breakfast at the Ibiza Gran Hotel is more like a full brunch!


Located right on the beach of Talamanca, El Bar Flotante is an Ibiza institution, a great place to stop by on your way home after a hard night dancing. It has authentic charm and a relaxed feel. It serves a great range of breakfast and tapas, expect to find dishes such as Iberico Ham, Spanish tostadas, scrambled eggs, Spanish omellette sandwhich or Manchego cheese.


If you love a good cup of coffee in the morning, then don’t miss Meke Coffee Roaster in Santa Eulalia. Meke is probably one of the first names that pops up when you ask anyone about Ibiza’s coffee scene, started in 2012 by supplying the island’s top cafés and restaurants with quality beans sourced from sustainable and ethical farms across the globe, Meke now has its own store & café. Don’t miss it if you want to get your morning caffein fix!


Those who know, and especially those who know the value of a good breakfast, head to MOOS Kitchen in cala Llonga. It serves a great range of healthy breakfasts and excellent coffees & fresh juices and the laid-back bar’s quality preparation and friendly service make it the ideal spot to start the day.

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