Tapas is synonymous with Spanish food and these days you can find a wide array of them from the most classic that keeps things simple, to the most modern techniques and flavours. Here’s a list of Ibiza’s best tapas bars.


Definitely most on the traditional side, this authentic Spanish taverna serves some good, hearty tapas. The most typical Spanish charcuterie and cheese can be enjoyed here in an informal and sociable, authentic setting. Located just off the buzzing Plaza del Parque, you can sit inside or outside in its porch whilst watching the world pass by. 

For more info: Los Bodegueros | Calle Miguel Cayetano Soler, 9 Ibiza | +34 871718305


Bidebide was the first bars to offer the “pintxos” experience in Ibiza! It represents a true, traditional Spanish bar, with its simple exterior and crowded interior. The possibilities at this bar are nearly endless, with many different tapas and a yummy menu, everyone is bound to find something lovely, new and exciting to try.

For more information: BideBide Ibiza | Carrer de Josep Maria Quadrado, 40, Ibiza | +34 971312680


A hot favourite in Ibiza town, always bursting with locals and tourists. They serve some delicious Pintxos, which are small Basque tapas that get served on white bread. All parts of the Pintxos will be held together by a little cocktail stick and normally the different sorts get offered in form of buffet at the bar.

For more information: Can Terra | Avenida d’Ignasi Wallis, 14, Ibiza | +34 310064


Located right next to Can Terra, this is another local favourite choice for tapas. Its international fusion of flavours from around the world means you’re not just bound to local cuisine. If sharing food isn’t for you, or you just have a big appetite, you can also order à la carte from the menu too.

For more information: Mar a Vila | Avenida d’Ignasi Wallis, 18, Ibiza | +34 971314778


More of a tapas restaurant than a bar, Rincon de Pepe has been serving clients since 1962 when it opened its doors at the beginning of San Antonio’s lively West End area. Family friendly and inexpensive, the tapas is traditional and of exceptional quality.

For more information: El Rincon De Pepe | Avenida Sant Mateu. 6, Ibiza | +34 971340697