You will ask yourself when isn’t there a good time to go to Ibiza? Even if the White Isle is known mainly for it’s beautiful beaches and the parties of the summer, late summer and autumn are still very good seasons to enjoy the island – especially if you love the outdoor life.

While nights can get a bit cooler, during the day there’s often summer-like weather with mild temperatures. It’s cool enough for exploring the enchanting countryside and there’s no problem getting around as the island is less packed – the ideal conditions to practice sports and outdoor activities.  

Moving inland has its own beauty, so here we’ve rounded up our top 3 activities to discover the beautiful countryside and make the most of the beautiful weather: 


As the heat of summer wanes it is the perfect time to start enjoying one of the great cool-weather pleasures of Ibiza: walking and hiking the many beautiful corners of the island. Despite being a small island, Ibiza has an abundance of quaint valleys and unspoiled hills to explore. There are companies on the island that offer tours. We recommend Toby of Walking Ibiza – you can book either a private or a community tour. If you don’t feel like a tour and want to go exploring by yourself, we encourage you to ask us and do a bit of research first, even if most of the trails are well-marked, it’s always better to have a map with you and to know where the route is heading.


There are no truly big climbs in Ibiza which makes cycling enjoyable even for amateurs. The stunning countryside and green hills will be the perfect backdrop for a great day. We recommend Velo Club Ibiza if you want to hire a bike or take a guided tour. Their tours include road riding, cross country mountain bike rides as well as riding off the map across dusty caminos and gravel tracks – known only by locals!


Ibiza’s forest trails make it an ideal place for horse-riding. We recommend you  Can Mayans, on the road from Santa Gertrudis to San Lorenzo, their tours will take you on nature trails during the day and romantic full moon rides at night under the stars.