Even if Ibiza is a popular holiday destination in summer, the island is not any less charming in the quieter winter months. There is an Ibiza to discover beyond the bustling summer, an island full of mesmerising Mediterranean landscapes, charming villages surrounded by almond and olive trees, dreamy coves and sandy beaches with crystal clear waters boasting countless shades of blue.

Going off season does not only mean that Spain’s expensive holiday island is better value, but you will be able to enjoy the real essence of Ibiza – gentle, dreamy and peaceful. You will feel like having the island to yourselves, which is everyone’s dream!

The best way to discover the authentic Ibiza is by renting a car. Bear in mind that public transport in winter is reduced, the only bus routes available are connecting the airport and towns and the service between Ibiza and Santa Eularia and few other spots, even so, these routes run less often in the winter.

To help you make the most of your winter getaway we’ve put together a list of our top 5 things to do in Ibiza:

Visit the historic Dalt Villa

Dalt Vila is the old town of Ibiza which is full of charming little streets with shops, art galleries, bars and restaurants. It was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 1999. The cobbled streets, hidden alleyways and old buildings of this historic part seem to be the same as they were decades ago. It’s such a pleasure to get lost and wander around. If you are up for a walk don’t miss the beautiful Cathedral which sits on the top of Dalt Villa, from there you will see beautiful panoramic views across the rest of the town and the Marina.

Discover local traditions

Winter is the perfect time to discover more about the island’s traditions and culture. The patron saint festivities of San Carlos and Santa Gertrudis are held in the winter months, as well as the popular wine festival of San Mateu – with the mild temperatures and the end of the harvest season, there is no better time to visit Ibiza’s local wineries!

Take in a peaceful sunset

The iconic Es Vedra is an essential spot to visit in Ibiza at sunset time. It’s reputed to be the third most magnetic place on earth and to be the centre of spiritually significant ley lines. Regardless of whether you believe all this, it’s hard to deny there is a special feel about this limestone rock islet. The main advantage of visiting this place in winter is that you’ll avoid the overcrowding that can suffer in summer. In winter you can really take in the raw beauty of nature, disconnect and recharge your batteries while the sun goes down. The road that leads there is beautiful and it’s really worth the visit. 

Enjoy quiet beach time

Any time of the year is good to discover some of the most spectacular beaches and coves in the world. Yes, we have said the world as some are renown worldwide for their attractiveness like the beaches of Cala Comta and Las Salinas, which runs along the Natural Parc of Ses Salinas. Even in autumn or winter, the beautiful beaches of Ibiza are well worth a visit! The way of enjoying the beach of course is different, with the water only warm enough for the brave! It’s all about discovering a quiet time far away from the bustling summer masses of tourists.

Get off the beaten track

Ibiza also boasts an abundance of cliff top walks, mountain hikes and countryside trails, making it a great choice for those who enjoy discovering destinations on foot! Spring, autumn and winter are the best time of the year to get to know them, escaping the high summer temperatures. Hiking allows you to discover the wilds side of the island by getting lost in the lush pine forests or climbing along the scenic coastal path. Experienced hikers or amateurs you are all welcome!