Holiday in Ibiza don’t have to just mean lazy days at the beach or crazy nights out. Sure, this things are nice but this is not enough for you: you are one of those adrenaline-rush seekers who always want to test the limits and you are in the right place as Ibiza with its beautiful nature is the perfect backdrop for some outdoor adventures. From cliff jumping to a hot air balloon flight in the sky, check out these outdoor activities you can do in Ibiza.


The island provides many spectacular natural cliff diving spots, some are brilliant venues for cliff diving training but some higher spots are just perfect for those of you who are more advanced level. The cliff diving experts at Rockid Ibiza, know all the safest and most spectacular spots are around the island. Face your fear and start from lower levels, then increasing in height as high as you dare. You should give them a try if you want to feel your heart racing!


Ibiza might not come first into your mind when you think about climbing. Its definitely no Alps or the much steeper Pyrénées, where you can easily find several climbing options. But contrary to popular belief, Ibiza offers more than 20 climbing spots that nicely surprise you, as well as the island climbing community ready to help you get around, along with maps, signs and good food as a reward at the end of a gruelling day. For more information check out Ibiza Vertical.


Hot air ballooning should be on your to-do list when visiting the island, you will feel like icarus and fly over the clouds while having a breathtaking and unforgettable experience. It’s definitely a unique way to discover Ibiza for a different perspective. Check out Ibiza En Globo for more information.


Have you ever wanted to explore the wonders of the deep blue Mediterranean sea? Well, scuba diving is an exiting experience and one you can have in Ibiza. There are plenty of ideal diving spots where you can see marine life and admire the beauty of nature. You will find plenty of scuba diving centers across the country and islands that are willing to take you on a fascinating underwater adventure.

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