Ibiza is well known for its beautiful coastline and breathtaking landscapes so with that in mind we asked ourselves what is a view worth? Most people’s opinion on what makes a great view differ hugely, for some it’s a cliff top villa looking out across the sea, for others its an inland idyll atop a hill looking out over rolling green hills and for others it might be the chaotic perfection of a cityscape.

A recent study found that a great view can add over 50% to a property’s value and the old adage of location, location, location has never been more true. Setting economic considerations aside, it’s been long documented that where and how we live has a huge psychological effect on us. There is nothing that lifts (or dampens) our spirits more than our close surroundings. In a year that has seen people staying inside more than ever, a view can sometimes be a window into the outside world. A mental escape, it can equally exhilarate, calm or distract us.

Famous Ibiza views

Of course Ibiza is famed for its sunsets and there is something magical about sitting by the pool and watching the sun slip away. Even better is its unassuming counterpart, sunrise. There can be nothing more uplifting than waking up and seeing the sun rising above the sea changing the world magically pink and mauve.

The highest point in Ibiza is Sa Talaia, at 475m high, it’s no Everest, but it is the place to see some of the best views of Ibiza and Formentera. The peak is accessible by car although we recommend the 1 to 1.5 hour hike up from the village of San Jose. The terrane can be a little rocky at times but with vistas across Ibiza, San Jose and out to the coast of Formentera it really is worth the trek.

All down the western coast, towards Calla Vadella are small viewing points to watch the sunset over Es Vedra (Ibiza’s mystical and almost inaccessible rock). Probably the best is on the cliffs just south of Cala D’hort on the island’s south west tip. Each summer evening there is a mini pilgrimage of spiritual islanders and tourists to enjoy the sunset there in all its natural beauty.

But what if you want to avoid the crowds and don’t fancy a long hike to get to your view? Luckily many villas on the Island tick all the panoramic boxes and offer some of the best views to be had on the Island.

So what’s your perfect view?

Rolling hills and countryside

Can Frit is set in the centre of the Island and enjoys long Southerly views across the island’s rolling pine covered hills and valleys as well as the distant Western coastline. it has enormous floor to ceiling glass doors so even when you’re inside, the stunning view follows you from room to room.

Sa Colina sits atop a hillside with long  views over the San Agustin and San Jose countryside, perfect if nature with a rockstar twist is your bag.


The salt flats in Salinas are now an area of outstanding beauty and are regularly visited by flamingos and tourists alike.

The sunrise from both Can Ras and Can D’alt with views over Salinas and out to the island of Formentera aren’t  to be missed, and even for late risers the outlook poolside is one you will never tire of.

Sunset views

Ibiza is blessed with many points along the SouthWest coast to sit and enjoy the Islands famous sunset views but there is nowhere more luxurious to enjoy them from than the impressive Sa Torre…or from our wonderful new listing just up the hill , the stylish Can Esparto

Sea views

At times it’s hard to decide where Can Coco stops and the view starts, overlooking the beautiful west coast of the Island and magical Es Vedra it has sea views from 4 of its 5 bedrooms. It has the perfect view to wake-up to, whilst you sip your morning coffee and make your plans for the day.

Perhaps the view to trump all other views however is from Cima Blanca which is perched on a hilltop and offers striking 180° views all along the southern coast of the Island and onto Formentera


A bit of everything

If you can’t decide which view you prefer then perhaps Can Calma will help you choose. Surrounded by pine trees and set on a hillside that drops slowly down over fields to the sea, Can Calma has the perfect panorama that can be enjoyed inside or out. Can Vildas boasts an incredible vista with views to the both the West and East of the island plus enjoy a magical sunset from the giant terrace where the sun disappears into the sea and the Conejera Islands beyond.


Whatever your ideal view is, once you find the perfect one, the benefits for the mind, body and soul are limitless.