Pacha’s glamorous parties were first born in an old Ibicencan finca in the early 70’s. Ibiza’s oldest club, now a global brand, continues to provide the international jet set crowd with the ultimate VIP experience. There are big parties there every night of the week. For something a bit different, take out your platforms and boogie at their Flower Power party on Mondays. The biggest and best known night is David Guetta’s F*** Me I’m Famous on Thursdays (reserve your VIP table well in advance). A tip, when it’s busy they tend to hike up the prices at the door so be warned and sort out pre-booking.



Located close to Ibiza Marina next to the Ibiza Gran Hotel, Cirque de Soleil’s Guy Laliberte and Spanish chefs Albert and Ferran Adria (El Bulli) have united to create a kind of triptych masterpiece wherein food, art and music are the moving parts. For a playful dinner and live art performance experience book in advance. Enjoy the fantastic views of Dalt Villa from their upper floor terrace and get your freak on at one of the parties. In fact they have seriously upped the number of parties each week so this is definitely feeling like a club, not just a great restaurant with a twist.



Lio is part of the Pacha group and they know how to throw a party. The cabaret show, the individual elements of cabaret show, food and service perhaps are not world class but the overall experience is. If you are after a glamorous evening out then Lio is unbeatable. Tip; getting a table close to the stage is important as you can feel lost at the back. Book well in advance for mid-summer.



Think accentuated red walls, rave, hedonistic, solid electronic music. Once an airport hanger mainly used for after hour parties, DC 10 soon became much more of an underground movement led by authentic electronic music. Don’t expect a big VIP section, people are way too busy getting into the genuine club experience. Dance dance dance at Circoloco parties every Monday night, or Jamie Jones’ Paradise on Wednesdays. If you go in sober you really will feel like you are in the circo loco (crazy circus.


Ushaia’s club ‘Hï’ fills the shoes of what was once the legendary club ‘Space’ in the pumping Playa d’en Bossa stretch. ‘Hï’ continues to have on offer some of the world’s biggest dj’s – like David Guetta and Black Coffee – and provides its guests with creative and cutting edge entertainment. Morrocan décor and different theatrical productions will keep your senses stimulated. Make sure you book yourself a table in one of the many VIP sections and get ready for a hedonistic night.



It’s hard to believe that where this bomb of a party explodes all season there once stood an 18th century fInca and yet Amnesia is perhaps the most authentic Ibiza clubbing experience. It can enjoyed from either of the two giant rooms or taken in from the VIP upper balconies. And yes, you might well be suffering from Amnesia on leaving the club, get blasted by Amnesia’s ice cannon, or covered in foam at one of their infamous foam parties. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are usually good nights.



The Guinness Book of Records has defined this superclub with a capacity of 10,000 people as the ‘world’s largest nightclub’. The main room is an old aircraft hangar and hosts the well-liked Supermartxe parties on Saturdays. Carl Cox has relocated from Space to help fill the floor on a selection of dates. A popular club for the disco bus crowd from San Antonio and Playa D’en Bossa.



Don’t miss out on an evening at San Antonio’s Super club, Eden, where electronic music is delivered to you through one of the best sound systems on the island. The club takes its music seriously and has stepped up its game following a recent make over to compete with the others. Reserve a VIP section in advance or just get lost in the smoke being pumped out of machines or just because the place is so big! Mansion Mondays or Defected Ibiza on Sundays are two nights that should stand out.



Ibiza’s answer to a giant Las Vegas pool party, Ushuaia hosts some of the world’s finest DJs for the ultimate early evening party. The Ushuaia hotel is right on the sand toward the south end of Playa D’en Bossa. It opened in 2010 and instantaneously revived Ibiza’s afternoon party vibe that Space delivered in its heyday. David Guetta, Ants, Martin Garrix and Calvin Harris are just some of the names that regularly play. VIP recommended but it comes at a price. Whatever. Get the shades on and get a grove on.


TIPS – Ibiza nightclubs start late, and only really get going very late . If you want to have anything that resembles a decent day after your night out we recommend you go to an early evening club and get back to the villa when it is still dark and not when the morning sun is burning your eyes! We also recommend that you pre book; whether you are getting a VIP table or go- ing with the masses. Standing in a long queue is never fun and if you don’t get in for whatever reason it can ruin your night.