So, where do you start when selecting where to eat in Ibiza? Just writing the reviews can give you indigestion. There are so many great restaurants on the island, so many new stars, and so much variety it is no easy task to distil these down into an easily edible guide for our guests.

We have included a broad selection of restaurants covering a range of menus, locations and price brackets. The guide is based on our personal experiences and we have therefore tried to make honest reviews and give you enough information to make a decision and a booking. We feature 120 restaurants. There are no-doubt a few decent local restaurants that we have not included in the list – if you think one deserves to be in here please let us know. We had to draw the line somewhere.

We hope that during your holiday you enjoy some truly fantastic culinary experiences on la isla blanca. You would need the whole summer to munch through the full list, but don’t worry, you can come back for a second course next year.

Buen provecho!