Having sat in Mallorca’s shadow for years, Ibiza has become an increasingly popular destination for cycling, both road and mountain. It is now common to see groups of hard-core cyclists whizzing past, on what is often, a very hilly terrain. There are no truly big climbs like the Balearic sister island, but the stunning surrounds and numerous smaller hills will put you through your paces, and make for a dramatic back drop for a great day. Whilst the island is increasingly catering for hardened riders don’t worry if you want a much more casual day. Velo Club Ibiza, run by the affable Simon Rose, offers organized days to suit all levels. There are some great mountain bike treks but whether you are on road or off road you really will see a side of the island you have never seen before. Spring and Autumn are the prime months for cycling. You can go out in July and August too but we recommend you cycle in the early mornings or late afternoons as anywhere in between can be tough with the heat. Don’t forget your sunscreen and water!


Horse riding

Ibiza’s forest trails and beaches make it an optimal place for horseback riding. Guides will take you on nature trails during the day or while the sun goes down. You will feel the magic wherever you choose to ride on the island, but we recommend the tours of North Ride Ibiza in San Joan. Do you want to support a rescue centre where you can take care of the horses and have a ride if you want? Go to Horse Rescue Centre Can Mayol in Santa Eularia. They work with the horsemanship techniques and give horses a better life.

North Ride Ibiza

  • +34 669 604 083

Horse Rescue Centre Can Mayol

  • +34 679 561 140

For traditional horse riding lessons also try Cuadras Es Puig on the edge of Santa Gertrudis

  • +34 679 209 925



Paddle yourself around Ibiza’s stunning rocky coastline from one secluded bay to another. Revel in the hidden treasures you may find on a tour into secret caves, manoeuver around the magnetic Es Vedra rock or watch the sun setting on the horizon. There are a number of adventure tours available for all levels and provided the water is as calm as normal, Ibiza is a safe place for family trips. We recommend Kayak Ibiza, the islands largest and most established Kayak company. Speak with Lauren or Paolo A three hour tour, whether bespoke for your group or joining a larger organized tour, makes for a great excursion…and then laze on the beach on your return to sooth some tired arms!



How could you not want to dive deeper into Ibiza’s crystal clear turquoise waters? Scuba dive and explore the rich and colorful fauna and flora that is akin to Ibiza’s coastal line. Discover the magical world of underwater caves and shipwreck sites. There are many organized tours around the island and the mild water temperatures make for truly optimal diving. Punta Dive is the island’s largest dive company and has three dive centre locations on the island with top-notch facilities and equipment are on offer. Alternatively, Big Blue Ibiza is a small dive centre in the south west of the island right on the beach at Cala Vadella from where you can visit local dive sites. Get ready to experience Ibiza’s stunning underwater realm.

Punta Dive

Big Blue Ibiza



Walking is one of the best ways to discover Ibiza and to gain local knowledge. Get lost in the forests and plug into Ibiza’s natural beauty with some of the private and community tours available. We recommend you contact Toby at Walking Ibiza. The routes vary in difficulty so make sure you pick one at your pace. It’s a great way to learn more about the history, foraging and local stories that have shaped the island. If you don’t feel like a tour and you want to go out on your own there are entire books dedicated to Ibiza’s walking trails and there are well-marked walking routes with maps available at the town halls and tourist information centers. We can also recommend some great routes, our favorite is to go up to Sa Talaia, the highest point of the island, where you will be surrounded by simply stunning landscape with breathtaking views.



If you want to embrace the beauty of this Mediterranean island whilst pushing yourself to the physical max, there are a huge number of individual sporting events. From a relaxed 5km road race to ironman agony, nearly every weekend through Spring and Autumn there will be an event on. Most event details can be found at, or speak with us for guidance.