The beach. Just the word conjures up happy thoughts and a dreamy state of mind. It’s life’s great social melting pot, where people who would never normally cross paths lie in a near naked state side by side without a care in the world. Relax, unwind, play. Ibiza has 53 beaches (playas) and many more beautiful bays (calas). For a small island that geography is Ibiza’s unique feature. Nowhere in the world can you find 53 beaches within 45 minutes drive. Think about it. Nowhere. So now you are here how are you going to be able to choose which beach villa to go to? Here is our guide of Ibiza’s best beaches.

We cover the 31 beaches that we think you will most enjoy. Every beach is different of course. Some small and intimate, others long sandy stretches that are great for families. Some are best for water sports and some best for a long lunch and sundowners. Take your pick, put on the flip flops and hang the sign up on the villa gate, ‘Gone to the beach’.

Tip: In mid-summer, like everywhere in the Mediterranean, the beaches become busy in the middle of the day. If you go early in the morning or later in the afternoon you can miss a lot of the crowd. You can also avoid the sun at its hottest. If you do go for the whole day it’s best to plan the restaurant booking ahead. Phone up a few days before to get the right table at the right place …much further in advance if you eat at one of well-known fish restaurants.