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  1. Easter Celebration in Ibiza

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    Spring is a great time to go to Ibiza – the days are getting longer, the island is beginning to warm up for the summer and Ibiza’s Easter celebration is something special.

    Wonderful Ibiza has absolutely every element vital for a great Easter weekend break (or more). Burgeoning food, arts and music scenes (find Ibiza’s art galleries here); great places to eat and drink on the beach (find Ibiza’s best beach restaurants here), interesting old corners and markets to poke around (find Ibiza’s hippy markets here). There are rooftop bars with pools to hang out in and venues with beautiful sunset views (find Ibiza’s sunset bars here).

    Here in Ibiza, the week of Easter is like a mini-preview of the summer ahead, chock-full of openings, special events, celebrations and good times in the sun! As always the most modern side of the island coexists with its traditional side – on Good Friday through Ibiza town takes place the traditional Easter procession. This religious procession starts at sunset from the Cathedral in Dalt Vila, when religious effigies are slowly carried by participants dressed up in traditional Catholic robes, accompanied by drumming and lit by candles through the streets of Ibiza town, stopping at every church. It’s a very spectacular parade, the atmosphere is bustling, so if you happen to be here on the island we recommend you not to miss it!

    When it comes to Ibiza’s gastronomy, Easter food is more than chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs. Cuinat (a typical vegetable and chickpeas stew) and Flaó (cake made with eggs and soft cheese) are traditional Easter dishes in Ibiza. For more information on the local gastronomy, read our previous post Eat like a Local.

    If you’re heading over to Ibiza for Easter we can make sure you will have the best weekend on the island. Call us now on +34 680 564 445 or email us at

  2. Ibiza Hippy Markets

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    Ibiza’s famous hippy markets can make for an enjoyable and fun-filled day or evening out, with the chance to buy some unique souvenirs, enjoy a meal and see some live music. Here are the hippy markets taking place all around the island:


    This is the oldest and biggest hippy market on the island. This market not only offers good food, plenty of stalls for great shopping, entertainment with live music but it has also a dedicated kids area, where children can have their face painted or make their own souvenir or T-shirt using recycled craft materials.

    WHEN: Every Wednesday, from April until October from 10 am until 7 pm.

    MORE INFO: Facebook Hippy Market Punta Arabi 


    This market has flourished over the years to become a heaven for those seeking a true taste of Ibiza. Packed with colourful stalls selling everything from clothing, jewellery and art, the market offers also several bars and restaurants where you can rest between shopping. Las Dalias during the summer months hosts also concerts and night parties.

    WHEN: Every Saturday, all year round, between 10 am and 6.30 pm, from June to September also on Monday and Tuesday night (7pm–1am) and on Sundays in August.

    MORE INFO: Facebook Las Dalias


    This colourful market is held in the centre of the pretty village of San Juan, in the north of the island. Much smaller than the previously mentioned markets, San Juan has a completely different vibe – focusing on fresh & organic food, you will find many people selling their homemade jams and chutneys, along with a mouthwatering selection of fruit and vegetables, and even organic sugar-free chocolate! There are also stalls selling clothes and other accessories often handmade by island residents. A friendly, bohemian vibe is perfectly complemented by the live bands performing in the square.

    WHEN: Every Sunday, throughout the year, from 10 am.

  3. When to Book your Ibiza Holiday

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    If the cold weather and short days are getting you down, let’s try to cheer you up! A great way is to start planning your Ibiza summer holiday, but there are many things to consider when it comes to booking it… If you find yourself puzzling over when is the best time to book your Ibiza holiday, here’s a simple breakdown of what to expect when:


    Easter holidays marks the beginning of the season in Ibiza, the island awake from its winter hiatus shaking itself down and preparing for the summer ahead. Direct flights are brought back and the first holidaymakers arrive to the island. It’s overall a very quiet month, temperatures are mild and there are some really cheap deals to be found. It’s the perfect month if you want to enjoy a laid-back holiday, but bear in mind that even if temperatures are warm, the sea is still pretty cold.


    May is an underrated month to visit Ibiza, while it gets busier towards the end of the month, during the first couple of weeks it’s very peaceful, with seasonal workers beginning to arrive and a lot of older tourists and families enjoying the balmy temperatures and relative peace before the busy season truly kicks in. While the price of accommodation is usually high during Ibiza’s summer season – May might be a good month to find some true deals, so don’t waste time and have a look at our villas!


    June in Ibiza is really when the season kicks in, many venues have already opened their doors and a few are still hosting opening parties – the good thing is that the island still has a lively vibe, but the beaches, restaurants and clubs aren’t completely packed to a point of discomfort yet. Direct flights are in full swing and if you book early enough there might be some deals to be had.


    July in Ibiza can be split in two, with the first two weeks not much different to June, while the last two weeks are busier like August… With the majority of European schools, colleges and universities now all well and truly broken up for the summer – expect many tourists flocking to the island, mainly party students, off-duty teachers and tourists who usually take the summer off as holiday time.


    August in Ibiza is hot, busy and overall expensive. For many, due to work and study commitments, it’s the only time of the year that they can make it to Ibiza – but there are some nice things about the busiest month of the year in Ibiza: the high temperatures mean that during the evening you can sit outside and enjoy your dinner without needing to wear a jacket until quite late into the night. The streets are packed with people and if you like that buzzy feeling it’s a great time to go and experience Ibiza Town and San Antonio’s sunset strip.


    In September you might notice the island taking a big sigh of relief, as it’s really the time when everything starts to calm down a bit. Even if we can still enjoy some pretty warm sunny days, temperatures get a bit cooler in the evening. The world famous closing parties are in full swing and still attract a big crowd but with most of the families and students back to school, it makes it the perfect time to visit Ibiza with a group of friends or your partner and make the most before winter kicks in and tan time is over. If you want to know more, check out these top 3 reasons to plan a late summer escape to Ibiza.


    The first week of October marks the end of season, with the last closing parties – then the vibe on the island change. Autumn in Ibiza is something special, while the majority of European countries see their temperatures drop, in Ibiza,  you can still enjoy some pretty warm days. The sunsets are magical, the beaches are less packed and it’s even possible to get into the best restaurants without reservations – no stress, no fuss, just pure relaxation and fun in the sun. If you want to know more, check out these 5 reasons to visit Ibiza in the fall.


  4. Ibiza Christmas Gifts

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    With Christmas now fast approaching, there is no better time to look for presents and if you’re stuck for gift ideas here we have a list of 5 fabulous products that are quintessentially Ibizan. Look no further!


    Sal de Ibiza offers a wide range of natural salt products, fresh from Ibiza’s very own Salinas. They use only natural methods to refine their salt and they don’t use additives or preservatives – plus the light blue package just screams ‘Ibiza’.



    Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we have. Give a gift that will elicit happy memories with every breath. A single scent of sea breeze, fresh pine or zesty orange will instantly bring back memories of beautiful days spent in Ibiza. Gather a mix of soap, shampoo, conditioner and perfumes to create fun individual gift bags for your loved ones.



    Ibiza’s based jewellery designer Elisa Pomar has a long tradition of jewellery making in her family – from a very young age she has seen her grandfather and father create traditional jewellery which made her fall in love with this art. Her pieces are so unique that have captivated also international fashion designers like Dolce and Gabbana, who have used her pieces into their catwalks.



    This is the perfect gift for your friend who loves cooking. This first recipe book, written by Ibiza resident Anne Sijmonsbergen, showcases the incredible Ibicenco dishes that the island’s cuisine has to offer. It’s the perfect gift for those who want to recreate the tastes of the White Island at home.

    FIND HERE: Shop the book


    If you are after one of those gifts that will last a lifetime, then the handmade leather bags, belts, briefcases and shoes of Ibiza’s artisan Pedro Planells, are exactly what you are looking for. This local craftsman is renowned worldwide for his excellent work. Over the years many fashionistas have visited his shop like fashion designer Armani, Valentino and Jean Paul Gaultier.

    FIND HERE: PedrosIbiza.fb

  5. Things to do in Ibiza in Winter

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    Even if Ibiza is a popular holiday destination in summer, the island is not any less charming in the quieter winter months. There is an Ibiza to discover beyond the bustling summer, an island full of mesmerising Mediterranean landscapes, charming villages surrounded by almond and olive trees, dreamy coves and sandy beaches with crystal clear waters boasting countless shades of blue.

    Going off season does not only mean that Spain’s expensive holiday island is better value, but you will be able to enjoy the real essence of Ibiza – gentle, dreamy and peaceful. You will feel like having the island to yourselves, which is everyone’s dream!

    The best way to discover the authentic Ibiza is by renting a car. Bear in mind that public transport in winter is reduced, the only bus routes available are connecting the airport and towns and the service between Ibiza and Santa Eularia and few other spots, even so, these routes run less often in the winter.

    To help you make the most of your winter getaway we’ve put together a list of our top 5 things to do in Ibiza:

    Visit the historic Dalt Villa

    Dalt Vila is the old town of Ibiza which is full of charming little streets with shops, art galleries, bars and restaurants. It was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 1999. The cobbled streets, hidden alleyways and old buildings of this historic part seem to be the same as they were decades ago. It’s such a pleasure to get lost and wander around. If you are up for a walk don’t miss the beautiful Cathedral which sits on the top of Dalt Villa, from there you will see beautiful panoramic views across the rest of the town and the Marina.

    Discover local traditions

    Winter is the perfect time to discover more about the island’s traditions and culture. The patron saint festivities of San Carlos and Santa Gertrudis are held in the winter months, as well as the popular wine festival of San Mateu – with the mild temperatures and the end of the harvest season, there is no better time to visit Ibiza’s local wineries!

    Take in a peaceful sunset

    The iconic Es Vedra is an essential spot to visit in Ibiza at sunset time. It’s reputed to be the third most magnetic place on earth and to be the centre of spiritually significant ley lines. Regardless of whether you believe all this, it’s hard to deny there is a special feel about this limestone rock islet. The main advantage of visiting this place in winter is that you’ll avoid the overcrowding that can suffer in summer. In winter you can really take in the raw beauty of nature, disconnect and recharge your batteries while the sun goes down. The road that leads there is beautiful and it’s really worth the visit. 

    Enjoy quiet beach time

    Any time of the year is good to discover some of the most spectacular beaches and coves in the world. Yes, we have said the world as some are renown worldwide for their attractiveness like the beaches of Cala Comta and Las Salinas, which runs along the Natural Parc of Ses Salinas. Even in autumn or winter, the beautiful beaches of Ibiza are well worth a visit! The way of enjoying the beach of course is different, with the water only warm enough for the brave! It’s all about discovering a quiet time far away from the bustling summer masses of tourists.

    Get off the beaten track

    Ibiza also boasts an abundance of cliff top walks, mountain hikes and countryside trails, making it a great choice for those who enjoy discovering destinations on foot! Spring, autumn and winter are the best time of the year to get to know them, escaping the high summer temperatures. Hiking allows you to discover the wilds side of the island by getting lost in the lush pine forests or climbing along the scenic coastal path. Experienced hikers or amateurs you are all welcome!

  6. Sunset Sips

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    No holiday to Ibiza is complete without couple of great pictures of Ibiza’s breathtaking sunset. After all, Ibiza is renowned all over the world for its soul-shaking sunsets, which they never get boring, no matter how many times you have seen them!

    With that in mind, we’ve come up with a list of iconic sights, some of the island’s most awe-inspiring sunset spots, where you can enjoy this magical moment and chill out with a delicious drink in your hand.


    Cala Comte
    Perched on the gorgeous beach of Cala Comte, on the West coast of the island, Sunset Ashram is an iconic Ibiza institution. As you might guess from the name, it’s possibly one of the best spots to watch the sunsets on the White Isle. Unwind while sipping on delicious cocktails, overlooking the gorgeous turquoise sea.

    Cala d’Hort
    Known as Es Vedra, the rocky island in front of Cala d’Hort, has been the centre of myths and legends for years. Whether you believe any of the stories or not, it’s a stunning landmark that will make your holiday snap sizzle. Enjoy a day at the beach, then head to the restaurant of Es Boldado, perched on the cliff to watch the sun go down in this quaint spot.

    Cala Tardia
    Cala Tarida is a truly beautiful spot for watching the sun set, a paradisiacal location to end your day. Watching the sky turns into a vivid red, while dining on the rooftop restaurant of Cotton Beach Club, has got to be the most delicious way to see the sunset in Ibiza.

    Sant Antoni

    San Antonio’s hip sunset strip has been attracting sunset worshipper for decades. Packed with iconic bars and restaurant bringing together music, breathtaking sunsets and fun – Living the moment has never been so easy!

    Head to Hostal La Torre in Cap Negret if you are looking for a more intimate location. You can sit on their terrace and enjoy the panoramic views. There’s nothing quite like watching the sun set and revealing in the warm glow while enjoying their delicious cocktails surrounded by nature.


    When many people think of Ibiza sunsets, they think of the island’s west coast. But Ibiza veterans know that there is a place in the South, set right in heart of the Ses Salines salt flats, where you can watch the sun sink into the horizon. Experimental Beach, in Cap D’es Falco, is laid-back chic at its finest! They offer exquisite cuisine, prime cocktails, and impressive views across the Mediterranean.


    Benirras beach is the only spot in the North of the island where you can watch the sunsetting, It’s a pretty cove, mostly quiet during the week but that can get pretty crowded on a Sunday when its famous hippy bongo session took place. The restaurant Elements is the best place to be, while experiencing the authentic spirit of Ibiza at dusk.

  7. Summer 2015 – Last Minute Villas Availability

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    Rustic chic heaven


    Enjoy the rustic chic lifestyle in Ibiza this summer. We still have a (very small) handful of weeks available in some beautiful ibicencan country houses. They are all wonderfully ‘campo cool’ and only a few minutes from beautiful bays and beaches.

    We hope to see you out here enjoying your blissful island break soon.


    Can Curt – available July 11 to July 25   >> View details


    Ca’Nablaya – available July 11 to July 18  /  August 29 to september 5 >> View details


    Can Vildas – available July 4 to July 25   >> View details


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    or for bookings, please contact us on: 
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    Check out our new 2015 restaurants and beach clubs guide 

    we hope to see you soon.

  8. The London Evening Standard names its best 8 beaches in Ibiza, and naturally our…

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    The London Evening Standard names its best 8 beaches in Ibiza, and naturally our favourite Cala Jondal gets a mention. How many have you visited?

    Ibiza may have been famous for its techno fuelled nights and well, techno fuelled nights. But, as of late, word of the island’s beauty is starting to spread globally and, finally, its laidback charm is shining through – with a focus firmly on its beaches. From local to sceney and everything in between…

    Update.  please see our own superior guide to Ibiza’s best restaurants and beach clubs

  9. Amazing October stay in Ibiza

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    If you want to jet out for a long weekend of partying, escape for a late summer romantic break or get away with the kids for the October holidays please let us know as we have some fantastic villas for surprisingly low prices.

    Beautiful villas in Ibiza’s best locations


    2014 has been a fantastic year for Ibiza and 2015 is shaping up to be even more special. We are already taking a lot of bookings so if you want to stay in a beautiful villa and have specific dates please get in touch fast. All our lovely villas from this season are available for 2015 and we have also just taken on the stunning Can Ras, a stylish 6 bedroom Villa with breathtaking views over ibiza’s south coast to Formentera.

    We hope to hear from you soon! 
    Un saludo cordial, Mi Casa Tu Casa Ibiza

    Call us +34 680 564 445 or email

    Our other villas:



    Location: San José
    Sleeps: 10
    Prices from: €5,000 per week

    >> View details



    Location: Santa Gertrudis
    Sleeps: 12
    Prices from: €5,750 per week

    >> View details


    Can Coco

    Location: San Jose
    Sleeps: 10
    Prices from: €5,000 per week

    >> View details


    Can Canto

    Location: Santa Gertrudis
    Sleeps: 8
    Prices from: €5,000 per week

    >> View details


    Can Dos Rocas

    Location: Cala Conta
    Sleeps: 12
    Prices from: €8,500 per week

    >> View details

    Villa Sky

    Location: CRoca Llisa
    Sleeps: 8
    Prices from: €3,000 per week

    >> View details


    Can Curt

    Location: Cala Jondal
    Sleeps: 12
    Prices from: €5,000 per week

    >> View details


    Can La Pi

    Location: Es Torrent
    Sleeps: 6
    Prices from: €3,250 per week

    >> View details


    Can Calma

    Location: Cala Jondal
    Sleeps: 12
    Prices from: €5,250 per week

    >> View details


    Can Torrent

    Location: Porroig
    Sleeps: 10
    Prices from: €4,000 per week

    >> View details



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