Sa Caleta. As you take your first steps into Jul’s the first thing you will notice is the breathtaking decor, its soft amber ambient lighting offsets, chic suede and earthly textures to create the perfect setting for its eclectic and magical food. The cuisine is a journey from Spain to Greece and every dish is about the love of food and great ingredients. Don’t miss the open fire Charcoal Grilled Meats and the celebrated Lobster and Butternut Squash Risotto. Start off with the intriguingly named Dance of the Bad Angels cocktail, a heady mix of Tequila, Mezcal, Cucumber and Chilli and finish up with the delicious Emotion Chocolate for dessert.


Es Torrent

Es Torrent beach. Set in a very pretty little bay in total privacy, this is a stylish, convivial and delicious seafood restaurant. A well heeled but relaxed bunch dine here. There is sand under your feet when you eat and lovely water for swimming and snorkelling. It is pebbly at the water’s edge so walk carefully getting in, particularly after a glass of  Rosada or two! Highly recommended for a special lunch. 


Es Xarcu

Cala Jondal bay. In the main bay of Cala Jondal there is a side cove called Es Xarcu which hosts a lovely fish restaurant with the same name. A touch more laid back than it’s Es Torrent neighbour but also serving up delicious fresh seafood. As you twist down the steep dusty track to get to the restaurant you feel you have discovered a hidden gem. The setting is lovely and private but the swimming and beach are not as good as the food.


Tropicana Beach Club

Cala Jondal. Family friendly with good seafood and particularly great salads. There is a calm atmosphere and of all the Cala Jondal restaurants this is the best spot to spend a relaxed day and be looked after. It’s also the best spot on the beach for swimming for families as there is a bit more sand at this end of the bay – that said it can still be a bit stony when getting in.


The Blue Marlin

Cala Jondal. One of the most famous beach clubs in the world. Infamous, posy, flirty and, dare it be said, a lot of fun. Go dressed to impress although the less the better. The food is excellent, but if you prefer not to dine, put on your sun-glasses, sip a cocktail and have fun partying or people watching. You can spend the day lying out on the giant round sunbeds (reservation essential) but the fun kicks off from about 18.00. Booking a table at 4pm for a long late lunch is our recommended tactic. Not really kid friendly particularly in mid-summer and the swimming, whilst fine for adults, is not good for small kids due to the large stones, despite the wooden jetty.



Cala Jondal. The best food of the Cala Jondal restaurants and right up there with Es Xarcu and Es Torrent in the fight for the best seafood in Ibiza. A lovely spot and right next to The Blue Marlin so you can have a long lunch and wander over to the noisy neighbour when the party kicks off. Open all year so loved by the locals and a good sunset spot in mid-winter.


Sa Caleta

Playa Sa Caleta (also referred to as Es Bol Nou) is a beautiful small sandy bay with some excellent swimming especially for kids as it is generally calm, shallow and sandy. There is a very good seafood restaurant as well (same name, Sa Caleta) although it is not in full view of the beach so it’s not ideal if you have young kids playing there. Open all year and a great place for a long lunch in Spring and Autumn, popular with locals. Try the famous Café Caleta to finish off a feast.


Casa Jondal

Cala Jondal. The new entry to the bay in 2019 has taken over as the most popular with 2 month plus waiting lists in summer months. Could laid back luxury be better defined? Beautifully decorated, a very pretty setting, excellent and creative food, variable service, and always a reassuringly expensive bill – all the ingredients that are testament to eating in one of the best and most in-demand restaurants in the Mediterranean.


Ses Boques

Ses Boques

Es Cubells beach. Feet in the dusty sand, laid back atmosphere under the Sabina trees and lovely views across the bay. This is one of our top lunch recommendations and is a local treat. You won’t find it unless you know about it. The beach is nothing special due to very difficult pebbly access to water but the seafood is fantastic and has been top mark for the last 42 years! In peak season we also recommend that you park your car at the top and walk down as it is a steep road and sometimes hard to get back up when jammed with cars.