1. The Ibizan Finca. A Traditional Rural House of Ibiza.

    While wandering around the island you would have come across hills dotted with the whitewashed rural houses, where it seems like that architecture has frozen in time. The traditional rural house of Ibiza, also known as Ibizan finca, is a remarkable cultural heritage of the island, an architecture that had hardly changed over the centuries, […]

  2. Autumn Food Festival in Ibiza

    Ibiza is undeniably a foodie heaven, from its Michelin listed restaurants to charming beach restaurants with beautiful sea views and laid-back farm to table dining spots, there is always something delicious to try around the island. It doesn’t stop there as every year, Ibiza hosts numerous food festivals to celebrate the rich culinary tradition of the […]

  3. Halloween Happenings 2019

    Any self-respecting party-goer knows that Halloween is a huge deal on Ibiza, with the eclectic, creative and music-loving island community celebrating the end of the season with one last high-octane, fiendish fiesta. Here’s a list of what is happening all over the island on the spookiest day of the year. PIKES Pikes ad We Love… […]

  4. Beach Club Closing Parties

    There is no doubting that the biggest phenomenon to hit Ibiza in the few years has been the return of the outdoor party. Daytime is challenging night-time in vying for the affection of the seasoned Ibiza clubber and the newbies can’t get enough of beach beats or the party by the pool. More and more […]

  5. Event about rental holiday housing in Ibiza

    The news of the tourist housing sector, innovations and challenges for the future will be discussed at the fifth Congress of Vacational Tourist Homes in Ibiza, which will be held on October 7 and 8 in Ibiza. The event is organised by the Association of Tourist Vacation Villas, Ibiza (AVAT). The AVAT was founded in 2011 and it’s a non […]

  6. The Best Breakfast Spots in Ibiza

    Breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day, and sure it is! But we know that early breakfast and Ibiza don’t always get along, especially if you’ve been up all night dancing! But we are also aware that breakfast is what sets us up for the many adventures that await in […]

  7. The Dreamiest Places In Ibiza to Practice Yoga

    There’s something about the languorous pace of the island life that chimes really, really well with yoga. Here you can find wonderful places where you can stretch out your yoga mat and practice out of the studio and into the sunshine… ATLANTIS Atlantis is one of Ibiza’s greatest hidden treasures. Located on the west coast […]

  8. Autumn Sports Events

    Autumn is a wonderful time of the year to visit the island, whilst summer finishes and temperatures become milder, it’s time to swap your flip-flops for your trainers. Not only to discover the numerous trekking and cycling routes all over the island but also to take part in some sports competitions. If you are up […]

  9. Ibiza Closing Parties 2019

    As summer fades away, the clubs in Ibiza are gearing up for one last blow out to mark the closing of the party season (yay!). So grab your dancing shoes and head down to one of these closing parties for your final shape-throwing session of 2019. FLOWER POWER – PACHA When: 2nd of October About: […]

  10. Ibiza’s Most Sustainable Fashion Brands

    Once again Ibiza becomes an example that should be followed by others; this time for its role in sustainability in fashion. Over the past few years many Ibicencan fashion brands have started embracing sustainable fashion model using organic materials for their designs as opposed to fast fashion and massive production of clothing. We round up some […]